Touch Screen Kiosks

How Touch Screen Kiosks Are Shaping The Future Of Retail

In our last blog, we revisited the topic of touch screen kiosks. We highlighted the fact that so many customers seem to prefer using touch screens these days. It’s hard to blame people, don’t you think? The pandemic has caused so many of us to be cautious about interacting with other humans. However, as our last blog pointed out, there are numerous reasons why shoppers enjoy interacting with touch screen kiosks.

They improve accessibility to your brand, they grow customer engagement and they speed up the customer experience. We would argue that touch screen kiosks are actually shaping the future of retail! Let’s discuss why.

They provide 24/7 service.

Your touch screen kiosk is your employee who never sleeps. It never takes a day off, it never comes in late and it never complains. It doesn’t even need a pay cheque! Not only does having a touch screen kiosk save you a lot of time and resources, it provides your customers with round-the-clock service. No matter how you slice it, a touch screen kiosk’s 24/7 reliability is an automatic customer-pleaser.

“Touch screens make it easy to provide a round-the-clock service,” says U.K.’s Armagard, “Car parks, train stations, airports and more can benefit from touch screen kiosks and ticket machines that operate day and night. Make sure you use displays that are suitable for unattended locations. A touch screen enclosure protects your display from physical damage, vandalism and theft, providing you with peace of mind about the security of your investment in public places.”

They make the in-store experience more fun.

Let’s face it. Touch screen kiosks are cool. In 2021, people are used to interacting with artificial intelligence. But the allure of electronics that demonstrate human capabilities is not lost on the vast majority of us. When people enter your store and see your touch screen kiosk, they are bound to receive a good impression. In fact, your kiosk will help to boost the prestige of your brand as one to take seriously.

“Top physical retailers are already using touch screen retail digital signage solutions and data-rich content to attract modern customers and enhance their in-store experience,” says, “This includes the use of interactive mirrors, video, touch screen displays, etc. to enhance the in-store experience for shoppers.”

They reduce staff costs.

As we pointed out before, you don’t need to offer your touch screen kiosk a pay cheque. As a result, your company automatically saves money on payroll. Touch screen kiosks enable you to provide your customers with a round-the-clock method of customer service that both saves you money and grows customer satisfaction.

“With self-service processes in place, you save on staff costs,” says Armagard, “24/7 touch screen services mean you no longer need to pay high-rates for night workers. Even in the day, you can free up staff to deal with matters that require face-to-face attention, while your self-service kiosks provide a reliable service to everyone else.”

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