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How To Spruce Up Your Restaurant’s Summertime Menu

With Victoria Day now behind us, the unofficial start of summer in Canada has begun! You best believe that Canadians are just chomping at the bit to both celebrate the forthcoming warm and sunny weather and say goodbye to COVID-19. Of course, we’re not over this awful pandemic just yet. However, with restrictions being lifted, this summer is bound to be one of the most anticipated yet.

What does that mean for your restaurant? Well, depending on the safety protocol measures in your area, it may mean the opening of your patio. Even if you’re not in an area of the country where dine-in experiences are allowed, it’s still imperative that you happily welcome the summer season in all of your marketing. One of your most important tasks will be to spruce up your restaurant’s summertime menu.

Cater to seafood lovers.

Seafood and summertime go hand in hand, don’t they? When you think about it, most people equate warm and sunny weather with tropical islands. The summer, of course, is known for vacation time. And vacations to tropical islands always involve an array of seafood dishes. Since most people won’t be taking their traditional summer trips in the months to come, why not make your restaurant a go-to seafood destination?

According to Dallas, Texas based-company, QNC, Inc. (the makers of the Quik n’ Crispy Greaseless Fryer), restaurateurs need to evoke the ocean this summer. “Everyone wants to be at the beach during these hot summer days, but whether your restaurant is at the beach or far from it, seafood is a great addition to your summer menu,” insists their website.

Create new summer cocktails.

As we mentioned, many Canadians will be in celebratory moods this summer. While COVID-19 isn’t exactly over, nationwide vaccinations are helping for people to feel safer in social settings. Who won’t drink to that? Be sure to highlight the cocktails on your summertime menu to help the good times begin to roll.

“Having natural and fresh options are just as popular in the cocktail menu as on the dinner menu,” writes Dawn Papandrea on Upserve.com, “This summer, think about offering some drinks made with fresh fruit, herbs, or extracts. The trick is to use ingredients you already have to make it cost effective. Infused flavoured vodka is an easy place to start: some favourites for summer might include strawberry and basil or grapefruit ginger.”

Spice things up!

When you think of summer, you think of heat, do you not? Take the same approach to your summertime menu. Add some spicy dishes to really invigorate the taste buds of your customers. Just like seafood, spicy foods are often associated with tropical islands and vacation life. Bring a little more of that “take a trip” feeling to the experiences of your customers by adding some new spicy dishes to the menu.

“It might seem counter-intuitive to add spicy dishes to your summer restaurant menu, but the science doesn’t lie!” reports QNC, Inc., “According to food scientists, spicy foods can cool you down by making you sweat, which is your body’s natural cooling system.”

Can your customers order food directly from your website?

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