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How To Spring Clean Your Remote Work Lifestyle

The spring season is only one week old. So there is still plenty of time to get your spring cleaning routines underway. For business professionals who work from home, it’s particularly important to neaten things up a bit.

With the pandemic creating numerous work-from-home situations, many people have gotten used to not having to commute to work every day. In many cases, they’ve also gotten used to the potential sluggishness associated with not leaving the house. Have things gotten a bit mundane with your working-from-home life? Let’s take a look at how to spring clean your remote work lifestyle.

Bring more life to your work area.

Sometimes, we just need a bit of a change of scenery. To be motivated each day, it’s important to wake up with a positive attitude. This isn’t always possible though, is it? We’re human. Now and then, we’re bound to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. But when you approach your work station, there should be reason to be energized. Add positive quotes, photos of the kids, brightly coloured work supplies and more. Whatever helps you to get motivated should be visible where you work.

“Your workspace can — and should — inspire joy,” writes Melissa Cafiero on, “Studies show that experiencing joy at work enhances your well-being and performance…Bright colours act as a stimulant, giving you energy and helping you feel refreshed. Cool colours like blue and green can help you feel calm.”

De-clutter your workspace.

Don’t mistake the idea of adding positive imagery and colour to your workspace as creating clutter. Do the opposite. Your work station should be very neat and organized. Make your life easy by having everything you need to complete your daily tasks within easy reach. Any materials that don’t need to be at your desk shouldn’t be. We’re talking about game consoles, magazines, toys or anything else that is a distraction. As well, throw trash out and don’t leave it strewn across your desk. A messy desk promotes cluttered thinking and disorganization.

“A cluttered space can be a stressful space, according to researchers, so it’s important to eliminate the clutter on your desk (or coffee table, or dining room table), says Cafiero, “Work can be stressful enough at times, so why add to it with visual detritus?”

Attempt to do away with the COVID blues.

Many business professionals work from home specifically because the pandemic forced them to. Even with restrictions lifting across Canada, many workers are staying at home. For many, working from home is great. For many others, the daily routine is a reminder of the tough times that COVID-19 has created. On, people are encouraged to achieve better mental states by blending mental and physical activities in preparation for work.

They include starting an exercise routine, practicing mediation or yoga, increasing sleep hours, eating healthy foods and socializing in person. “Focus on these before you begin your remote work routine overhaul,” advises the website, “By doing so, you will have a better mindset and more energy for spring cleaning.”

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