There is still plenty of summer left! That means there are many opportunities for you to attend summer events in order to sell your company’s products. The summer is a great time to get outdoors. With so many festivals, concerts, picnics, barbeques and tournaments taking place, your business can be introduced to a large number of potential new customers.

What steps should you take to start selling your products at summer events?

Find the festival that is right for you.

It’s important to do your research before you register as an event vendor. Consider who is most likely to take an interest in what your business has to offer and set up shop at an event where those individuals are likely to be.

“A good way to decide what kind of festival is best for you is simply to go to festivals,” suggests Jackie DeVore on, “Take a look at the vendors that are currently booked at certain shows in your area, and what the attendees are looking for. Keep in mind that you don’t want too much competition for your own product, but you do still want to stay relevant to the theme of the festival. Talk to the vendors at the show to see what their experience is.”

Promote the event on social media.

There’s nothing like a little promotion to get people to know about your attendance at an upcoming event. Be sure to take to social media to inform all of your friends and followers about your forthcoming festival appearance. It’s a good idea to create some variety in your posts. Plug the event without necessarily mentioning your participation. It will gain favour with event organizers and possibly widen your reach.

“Encourage your current clientele to visit your booth by promoting the event on social media,” advocates Stephanie Vozza on, “Use the festival hashtag, which can inform shoppers who may not know your brand but who are preparing to attend the event. You can generate hype by sharing videos of you preparing for the festival or posts with products that will be available. Then be sure to post pictures before, during, and after the event.”

Set up an attractive product display.

Naturally, you want visitors of your booth to be enthralled by your products. Remember that first impressions count for a lot. Set up your products in a display that showcases their best attributes. For electronics or appliances, for example, it’s good idea to have them plugged in to show them working. As well, it’s wise to allow visitors to touch, hold and sample your products so that they know how to work them themselves.

“Once they start touching items and making eye contact, it’s time to make conversation,” advises DeVore, “It’s a good idea to ease into a natural conversation rather than going straight for a hard sell approach. This will invite your customer to chat back easily, and even be more open about what they’re looking for, rather than pressuring them into making an immediate purchase.”

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