How To Make Your Online Store A Cut Above The Rest

With the summer now here, you may assume that online shopping will slow down. After all, the beautiful weather will encourage people to leave their homes more often. Does this make it so that they will be online less often? Not necessarily! Remember that the majority of people take their smartphones with them wherever they go. It just so happens that smartphones are the most commonly used devices for online shopping.

According to a 2021 DataReportal study, “more than half (55.4 percent) of internet users use their mobile phones to purchase products online and seven in ten (69.4 percent) say they use shopping apps on their mobile devices – be it a phone or a tablet,” reports Ying Lin on Oberlo.ca. Obviously, your online store has a lot of competition out there. What can you do to make it a cut above the rest?

Respond to all online customer feedback.

Don’t ignore your online reviews. That goes double for the negative ones. People don’t just read reviews about companies. They read the replies too. By addressing concerns in a public forum, it can go a long way in impressing would-be shoppers. Show that you care about your customers and you will generate a much better buzz for your brand and its online entity.

“Nowadays almost all clients prefer to show & discuss products and services using such websites as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram,” notes Nicolas Fincher on Mainstreethost.com, “Encourage them to write their thoughts and opinion to know whether people like your products, the level of support and what they wish to see in the future. Respond to all customer questions politely and in a timely manner.”

Offer outstanding customer service.

If we’re being honest, you probably offer something that other companies offer. Even if your wares are completely unique, they will be hard-sells if you don’t offer amazing customer service. Consumers put a lot of emphasis on the way they’re treated. Make it so that your site gives visitors a variety of ways to get in touch to have their questions answered. Clearly present your company’s phone number, e-mail address and implement a Live Chat feature for convenience.

“If you want your e-commerce business to stand out, make impeccable customer service a priority,” insists Dan Magill on WooCommerce.com, “Use service guarantees to show how serious you are. The great thing about a service guarantee is that it costs you nothing. If an e-commerce store were to list all the ways they promise superb service or your purchase is free, customers would take notice.”

Offer free shipping.

It’s next to impossible to not impress online shoppers with the word “free”. Free shipping definitely helps to separate your online shop from the rest because it will stand out as a money saver. Although online shoppers are well aware that their orders have to be shipped, they don’t like paying for shipping. Work shipping costs into the prices of your products and “eliminate” the extra fee.

“Your customers can be scattered all over the Globe: that’s why it’s necessary to include shipping costs into the final price,” affirms Fincher, “Of course, a web store doesn’t have to offer free shipping with every order. It’s possible to offer free shipping on some particular orders or fix special shipping prices.”

Is your online store all set up?

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