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How To Make Buying From Your Website Easier Than Ever

Maybe your online store possesses an impeccable design. Perhaps your business offers the absolute best products and services in its industry. While this may all very well be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are outselling your competitors online. In some cases, your marketing techniques (or lack thereof) may play a major role. However, it’s also possible that you’re not making it particularly easy for customers to buy from your website.

On his website, sales expert, Dr. Paul Viio explains that when businesses make the sales process difficult, it simply leads to fewer sales: “For example, when about to sign the contract, the ready-to-buy customer might be asked by the salesperson or customer account manager to also sign several pages of small print (often the selling company’s ‘standard’ terms and conditions) which the now-not-anymore-so-ready-to-sign customer has not been given the chance to read beforehand.”

What can you do make buying from your website easier than ever?

Focus on one decision per screen.

Don’t make things complicated. On each of your website’s product pages, have only one “click to buy” link. If there are several other calls to action, it can confuse customers. It’s important to make the design of your online store clean, clear and easy to navigate. As Bianca Male writes on BusinessInsider.com, you shouldn’t “jam 10 products on one page.”

“If your call-to-action button says ‘Buy Now’ then place it front and center so they don’t have to scroll or hunt for it,” she encourages.

Don’t insist upon account registrations.

When your website welcomes its visitors, are there numerous steps for them to take before they make their purchases? Is buying from your site as easy as clicking on a product’s “Buy Now” button? Or do would-be customers need to go through a sign up process first? Allow your visitors to make purchases without setting up personal accounts. By making their first purchases easy, you will encourage both return visits and potential account set ups going forward.

“Provide product details and a large product image while displaying incentives—such as free shipping and warranty information—high on the page and close to the product,” Male advises, “Don’t discourage visitors by requiring registration to your site. If you must require registration, then always state the benefits of signing up in bullet form.”

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