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How To Keep Your Online Sales High After Cyber Monday

Happy Cyber Monday everyone! Today is that special day that comes once a year. It’s a day when online sales skyrocket. Online retailers regularly enjoy boosts in sales today as Cyber Monday is notoriously known for offering online shoppers significant discounts on their purchases.

A huge event that is part of every holiday shopping season, Cyber Monday certainly isn’t the only day for merchants to cash in via e-commerce. Once today is done, you still have nearly a month of holiday sales to make! What will you do to keep your online sales high after Cyber Monday? We have a few good ideas.

Launch daily “countdown sales”.

Promoting a sense of urgency is a key method of processing sales via your website. It’s wise to inform your site’s visitors that your discounts and specials are available for limited times only. An excellent way to do that is to have countdown clocks located on your product pages. For example, if you display that there is only one hour left to purchase an item at 30% off, it will encourage greater clicks of the checkout button.

“A perfect way to get shoppers to hit that ‘checkout’ button fast is to increase the sense of urgency using countdowns,” agrees Syed Balkhi on Entrepreneur.com, “The more scarce an item, the more people will want it. A clock that’s ticking down the minutes…is a visual cue that really gets shoppers moving.”

Offer free shipping for purchases over a certain amount.

One of the top draws all holiday shopping season-long is free shipping. If you can find a way to offer free shipping on certain orders (let’s say those over $100), you’ll entice a great deal of holiday shoppers to visit your online store. Needless to say, Cyber Monday is all about the savings. In order to compete with other online retailers, you’ll need to find ways to offer those savings all throughout the holiday shopping season.

“As a merchant you should definitely offer free shipping for holiday sales,” insists Jimmy Rodriguez on 3dcart.com, “However, you should also include additional parameters on the deal to increase your sales. For example, offer free shipping after a specific order amount is reached.  This way, it’s part of the promotion but also requires visitors to increase the amount of their order.”

Create newsletter-exclusive offers.

It’s always wise to keep in contact with your customer base. Be sure to steadily reach out to those on your email subscriber list through your newsletters. Give your readers exclusive opportunities to save money in your online shop. Over the course of the next few weeks, send out emails that enable recipients to click on links that only they have access to. Those links, of course, should lead to products that are sold at discount prices for limited times only.

“A special offer like this rewards your loyal subscribers and creates a VIP feeling, and at the same time it helps you build an even bigger email list,” affirms Balkhi.

Is your company website all set up with an online shop?

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