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How To Heat Up Your E-Commerce Business This Summer

The summertime is generally a wonderful time of year for most retailers. The warm and sunny weather encourages people to leave their homes more often. And where do those people go? Shopping, of course! With pandemic-based restrictions slowly, but surely subsiding, more people are bound to visit your brick and mortar location this summer. However, don’t let your attention to your e-commerce store slip!

It’s vital that you continue to inform your customer base that your online store is always open for business. So what can you do to heat up your e-commerce business this summer?

Post customer testimonials.

We would argue that there is no better way to promote your business than to have your customers do it for you. Nothing beats word of mouth promotion. Invite your happy customers to tell the rest of the world how great your business is. It will grow trust in your brand. Consumers listen to other consumers. No commercial you ever create will be more powerful. Kindly request customer testimonials and make them highly visible on your website.

“Highlighting user reviews is a great way to increase your sales,” affirms Sneha Joseph on, “People rely on reviews to inform their product search, so reviews carry great weight with potential customers. Having more positive reviews highlighted on your page is the perfect way to persuade an on-the-fence customer into sealing the deal.”

Create a customer loyalty program.

There are few ways to generate repeat business better than rewarding your customers. Naturally, with a loyalty program, the more a person shops in your store, the more benefits he/she will receive. Make it so that when people make purchases in your online shop, they get points. Have those points equate to savings in any way you see fit. According to Strategy Driven Marketing, a loyalty program relieves the stress of having to acquire new customers.

“This strategy is most easily employed if you benefit from the use of customer relationship management (CRM) software,” informs their website, “This technology helps you track customers’ purchases so you can reward them with a discount or free product as outlined in your customer loyalty program.”

Utilize a chatbot.

A quickly growing number of business owners, all across North America, are using chatbots on their websites. This artificial intelligence-based feature provides customer service to your site’s visitors. It can answer questions and interact with online shoppers in much the same way a human being does. With a chatbot, you can assure your site’s visitors of 24/7 customer service help. This will help to keep people on your site to follow through on their purchases.

“Employing a chatbot is useful for the business in every season,” says Joseph, “But it is a useful way to capture the attention of distracted consumers in the summer season. A chatbot that can answer at least 80 percent of the customer service questions (provides) a positive impact on customer satisfaction, keeping your existing customers returning and bringing in new ones, too.”

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