How To Have The Hottest Online Store All Summer Long

The hot and sunny summer is the perfect time of year for your business to advertise a wide range of promotions and events. Naturally, the warm weather encourages more people to come out of their homes. This gives your company more opportunities to welcome new customers. With that said, it’s important to not neglect your online shoppers. No matter the season, consumers still love to surf the internet for their shopping needs.

What can you do to have the hottest online store all summer long?

Create summer shopping categories.

Perhaps, your brand doesn’t sell “summer-based” items. That’s totally fine. There’s no reason you still can’t launch summer specials. Give your site a little sizzle by creating different categories for your goods. For example, a home hardware store could design a “For the backyard” section complete with items that can be used in the great outdoors. A clothing retailer can create a “For the beach” section. You get the idea.

“Convenience is the keyword here,” explains Yaprak Eken on Segmentify.com, “Shoppers don’t like to inconvenience themselves and scour through an e-commerce site’s catalogue. So don’t send your potential customers down that rabbit hole. Make their shopping experience easier and smoother by creating different summer categories around different contexts.”

Appeal to bargain hunters.

Consumers from all walks of life share something in common. They love a good deal. There’s no question that offering decent discounts on your online shop’s highly sought-after items will attract some traffic. Launch sales throughout the summer that encourage your site’s visitors to keep coming back. They’re bound to find a deal they like at some point, spiking your e-commerce sales.

As Namogoo.com reminds us, “bargain shoppers tend to do research beforehand and always have up-to-date shopping carts. They determine what to buy by going through multiple sites to find a price or deal that stands out the most.” Make sure that your deals stand out!

Put together product bundles.

Saving money is an important to-do for every shopper. A great way to promote the savings your online shop has to offer is to create product bundles. Unite different products that complement each other and offer them at a discounted price. As Eken champions, e-commerce product bundles are a huge win-win for the customers and the store itself.

“Product bundles are also a great way for the store to increase its Average Order Value (AOV),| writes Eken, “The trick is offering relevant products together so that the bundle makes sense to the customer. As an e-commerce store, you can custom-create your own bundles specifically for your summer campaigns. For example, a swimsuit can be bundled with sunscreen, a beach towel, a tote bag, and a pair of sunglasses.”

Are you all set up with an e-commerce site?

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