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How To Grow Your Restaurant’s Orders During A Lockdown

2021 is here but sadly, so is COVID-19. As a result, businesses of all kinds are forced to continue to implement safety protocols to keep their staff members and customers safe. The restaurant industry has been particularly hit hard by the pandemic. For the most part, dining rooms have been shut down. This is certainly the case, here in Ontario, where we are currently under a government-mandated lockdown.

If you’re a restaurant owner, how do you cope? How do you continue to run your business and actually turn profits during such a hard time? We have a few ideas that we hope will help you grow your restaurant’s orders during the lockdown.

Sell meal and cocktail kits.

The time has definitely come for you to get creative with what you sell. Don’t limit your restaurant to simply selling your meals as they would regularly be served in your dining room. By selling meal and cocktail kits, you offer your customers the experience of not just enjoying your great dishes – but learning how to make them at home.

“Buying a meal is a perk in itself, but buying the experience is something that is hard to replace,” says Kaitlyn Boehm on, “Some restaurants have begun to sell meal and cocktail kits that allow consumers to craft their own restaurant-quality meals and drinks right from their home. The best part? This doesn’t replicate the experience of dining in a restaurant, but it does offer an appealing alternative.”

Discuss how you’ve been coping with the pandemic.

Everyone is going through a tough time right now. Your concerns are widely shared with others. Reach out to people who are also enduring difficulties with the pandemic and its resulting lockdowns. By doing so, you present a much more personable side to your brand. As contends, getting support during the pandemic involves showing customers and loyal fans how you’re dealing with what’s going on.

“For example, if you’re taking extra measures to support your staff or strengthen the community, you can share that on your website, social media, or by email,” suggests the site, “There’s a very real, very human story behind every restaurant, especially at a time like this. Don’t be afraid to let people see that side of your business.”

Share your favourite recipes.

Don’t assume that revealing the secrets behind your sumptuous dishes will result in a loss of sales. Remember that consumers love supporting brands that make them feel good. Be sure to utilize social media during this tough time to engage with your audience. A great way to get people talking and sharing your posts is to share the recipes of some of your most popular dishes.

“One of the most coveted pieces of a restaurant’s puzzle are the recipes,” believes Boehm, “Some are constantly changing, some have stayed the same for generations. Even big brands have a cult following around some! Social distancing has not stopped the foodie cravings, so brands both large and small have released their recipes to the public for the very first time.”

Allow your customers to place orders online.

Be sure that your restaurant’s website isn’t just for show. Let its visitors place orders for their meals directly! With Unity Payments, you can quickly set up an online ordering system for your restaurant. To learn more, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at