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How To Grow Back To School Sales In Your Online Store

Don’t look now, but it is mid-August. For parents everywhere, that means one thing. The back to school shopping season is officially underway! Naturally, you want to prepare your store for an increase in foot traffic from parents and their school-bound kids. However, you will also want to pay close attention to your company website. Is it prepared to handle an increase in traffic as well? What are you doing to ensure you grow back to school sales in your online store?

Ramp up your email marketing efforts.

Email marketing is a key way to grow your online support for many reasons. Firstly, it’s an online method of advertising itself. When sending out emails to your subscribers, it’s always wise to include links to your online store. That way, you can encourage greater traffic to the shop. Naturally, your forthcoming emails should highlight the wonderful back to school savings your online shop offers.

Secondly, emails are direct forms of communication. Unlike television commercials, for example, email marketing makes connections with a specific and intended audience. Speak to your clients – don’t just throw ads their way. The personal touch works! “Email marketing is an extremely effective way to spread the word about promotions,” insists Springbot.com.

Launch a back to school contest.

Who doesn’t love the chance of winning a prize? Online contests have long been known to grow web traffic and increase engagement. Utilize your social media accounts to promote your contest. In fact, you may even want to take to social media in order to host your giveaway. Consider running a “First Day of School” contest on Instagram that asks followers to post photos from a previous first day of school. Select a winner for a grand prize!

“Back-to-school sweepstakes and giveaways are fun ways to promote your business,” writes Margie Zable Fisher on ShipStation.com, “These can be effective even if you don’t sell school supplies or apparel.”

Create a back to school product page.

You may be thinking “but I don’t sell school supplies”. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the whole “back to school” shopping season. By creating a back to school product page, you help for your website to be found in “back to school” Google searches. You also encourage visitors of your site to check out the specific items you would like to sell. No matter what you have to offer, a special discount is always a great way to entice sales.

“During your back-to-school promotional period, direct your customers to the products they’re looking for by creating a seasonal web page,” advises Springbot.com, “Devise email marketing campaigns to promote the sale and include a link directly to this page to guide your customers.”

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