How To Get People To Order From Your Restaurant’s App

In today’s pandemic-burdened world, ordering food online is an extremely popular activity. Even as we see the light at the end of the tunnel, regarding COVID-19, the popularity of online ordering is bound to remain very high in future. Who doesn’t like the convenience of having food delivered directly to their homes? And who doesn’t enjoy the convenience of using a smartphone to tap a few buttons in order to get that food?

If your restaurant has an app that showcases its menu, you are giving today’s consumers exactly what they want! But do most consumers know your app even exists? What can you do to get people to order from your restaurant’s app?

Make clear what your restaurant offers.

It’s vital that you appeal to the cravings of your customers. To do that, it’s wise to update your restaurant’s name on its ordering page. What is your restaurant’s specialty? Does it offer burgers and fries or is seafood a major part of its main courses? What you want is for hungry consumers who venture online to find your restaurant’s app when they type in what they’re looking for.

“If people are craving tacos during their quarantine and you’re a restaurant serving Mexican cuisine, you’re going to want to make sure that Google knows what kind of restaurant you are,” explains Stephanie Resendes on, “So in your title, description, and display groups, make sure to give more details on the food you serve…If your Mexican restaurant is named ‘Ryan’s Cantina,’ change the name on your online ordering page to ‘Ryan’s Cantina: Mexican Food.’”

Photos, photos and more photos!

This one should go without saying. There are few ways to tantalize taste buds better than to post mouth watering pictures of your sumptuous meals all over your restaurant’s website. Often, a person will make a food selection based on a photo. Not to mention, as Resendes points out, Google rewards sites that look pretty.

“Make sure you have images for all of your menu items, a photo of the outside of your building, and be sure to post pictures on all digital platforms like Facebook, Yelp, and Google,” she advises, “The more pictures related to your restaurant, the better chance it has of being shown on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page).”

Promote the app heavily on social media.

It’s extremely important to be active on social media in today’s world. Make sure that your restaurant’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts are regularly updated with new posts. As stressed in our last tip, make sure to take vivid photographs of your dishes. As well, post information about daily specials and exclusive online discounts.

“Be creative, and share it on your restaurant’s social media pages,” advises Elizabeth Kelly on, “Get your staff involved in the project, and listen to their ideas for pictures of the app, what to include in posts, and so on. Chances are your front-line staff are very social media savvy and will be happy to help. Plus, the more involved they are, the more likely they are to share it themselves.”

Can your customers order food directly from your restaurant’s app?

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