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How To Fill Your Eatery With Guests Over The Victoria Day Long Weekend

One week from today, Canadians will be enjoying the end of the Victoria Day long weekend. For people all over the country, this annual occasion is a time of celebration. Although the holiday officially recognizes the birthday of Queen Victoria, Canadians regard the May 2-4 weekend as the unofficial start of summer. Restaurateurs, however, see the long weekend as a huge business opportunity.

As the weather warms up and people begin to venture outside, restaurants have the opportunity to draw in crowds with inventive marketing strategies. How can you fill your eatery with guests over the long weekend?

Offer special menus and discounts.

Consider creating a limited-time menu that incorporates seasonal ingredients or a themed menu that celebrates Victoria Day. You could also offer discounts to customers who bring in a Canadian flag or wear red and white. Make sure to promote these offerings on social media and in-store to generate excitement and drive traffic to your restaurant.

Host a patio party.

With warmer weather on the horizon, many people will be looking for opportunities to soak up the sun. If your restaurant has a patio, consider hosting a patio party over the Victoria Day long weekend. Offer drink specials and create a festive atmosphere with decorations and live music. Encourage customers to share their experiences on social media using a branded hashtag to increase your restaurant’s online presence.

“To put it simply, patios attract attention to your establishment,” boldly states the Mary Brown’s website, “People who are passing by will be encompassed by the smell of food coming from the patio and will be more tempted to walk in. In addition to the wonderful aroma, an aesthetically pleasing patio with lights and greenery creates an environment that people are attracted to.”

Hold a charity event.

Hosting a charity event is a great way to give back to the community and generate positive publicity for your restaurant. Consider partnering with a local charity to donate a portion of your sales over the Victoria Day weekend. You could also host a silent auction or raffle to raise additional funds. Make sure to promote the event on social media and through email marketing to maximize its impact.

“When you host a charitable event, your efforts will be commended; not only by your existing customers, but also by those who have never visited your establishment before,” says RestaurantEngine.com, “Good deeds make people feel warm and fuzzy, and people like feeling warm and fuzzy; hence, they will come to you to be a part of the experience.”

Create Instagrammable moments.

In the age of social media, creating Instagrammable moments is crucial for restaurants looking to generate buzz and attract new customers. Consider creating a photo wall or mural that incorporates a Victoria Day theme. You could also offer a signature cocktail that comes with a photo-worthy garnish. Encourage customers to share their photos using a branded hashtag to increase your restaurant’s online visibility.

Allow your restaurant’s customers to place orders online.

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