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How To Drive Traffic To Your Restaurant’s Online Menu

Even during the summer, when people leave their homes more often, it’s still very important to bolster your company’s online entity. No matter where people are, they will tend to research a company online before making a buying decision. This is certainly true for your restaurant. In addition to selecting where to go to eat, consumers go online to place orders directly from restaurants. What can you do to drive more traffic to your restaurant’s online menu?

Define the experience of eating in your restaurant.

Remember that people want more than just delicious food. When deciding to go out to eat, consumers consider the ambiance, decor and customer service of the eateries they choose. Utilize your website to describe the wonderful atmosphere of your restaurant. Make clear that it offers uniquely enjoyable experiences in addition to great food. As FOODit.com points out, experience can be just as important as food.

“What makes your experience unique?” asks the website, “Is it speed? Ambiance? Convenience? Versatility? You’ll need to know if you’re going to get customers excited about it. Nando’s has made a name for itself by merging delicious food with easy up-front ordering—something no other chicken shop had tried before.”

Cater your online menu to mobile devices.

The majority of customers are bound to look up your restaurant’s menu on their smartphones. We would argue that it is this mobile device, in particular, that you should focus your energies on. Does your online menu read well on a smartphone? Can it easily be accessed? Is it easy to find ways to place and pay for orders? As PizzaToday.com warns, your website MUST be easy to view, navigate and interact with on a mobile phone.

“People are making dining decisions on their smartphones while they are running errands, leaving appointments or on their couch,” the site reminds us, “Your website should meet their mobile experience expectations.”

Allow customers to leave feedback.

There is arguably no better way to satisfy a customer than to let him/her tell you exactly how to do just that. Offer a feedback section of your website so that you know precisely what its visitors are looking for. Be sure to always respond to feedback whether it is positive or negative. Offering your appreciation for kind words is a great way to grow customer relationships. However, fixing problems is one of the best ways to earn the trust of the public.

“Restaurants must talk to customers,” insists FOODit.com, “Find out what they love about your establishment. Find out what they don’t care for. Uncover new opportunities to meet customer needs or streamline your menu. You’ll find that many customers are willing to offer their opinions, if only you’d ask.”

Is your restaurant’s menu online?

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