How To Design An Online Menu That Sells

If you are a restaurant owner, your online menu is one of the most important marketing tools at your disposal. It’s the first thing that potential customers see when they visit your website. Your online menu plays a crucial role in determining whether hungry people choose to dine with you or not. So how can you design an online menu that’s visually appealing, easy to navigate and effective at selling your dishes?


Keep it simple, silly! Your customers should be able to easily navigate your menu, find the items they’re looking for and understand what they’re ordering. Use clear and concise language and group your items into logical categories. Avoid cluttering your menu with too many images or design elements that can make it difficult to read.

Highlight your signature dishes.

These are the dishes that your restaurant is known for. They’re the ones that your customers are most likely to order. Make sure that your signature dishes are prominently featured on your menu. Use clear and eye-catching images and detailed descriptions that showcase their unique flavours and ingredients.

Use high-quality images.

High-quality images can make a huge difference in how your online menu is perceived by your customers. Invest in professional photography or take high-quality photos yourself to showcase your dishes in the best possible light. Make sure that your images are large enough to be clearly visible and that they accurately represent the size and presentation of the dish.

“According to a report, digital menus can increase a restaurant’s sales by 25%-30%, but a digital menu with beautiful imagery the percentage skyrockets to 65%,” reveals Sonal Mishra on

Make it mobile-friendly.

The majority of today’s consumers are using their mobile devices to browse and order from restaurants. Make sure that your online menu is mobile-friendly. It should have a responsive design that adapts to the size and orientation of the device. Use clear and easy-to-read fonts and ensure that your menu is easy to navigate with a touch interface.

Offer nutritional information.

Many people today are concerned about their health and are looking for healthy options when dining out. By providing nutritional information on your online menu, you can cater to these customers. Give them the information they need to make informed decisions. Make sure that your nutritional information is accurate and up-to-dat, and that it’s prominently displayed on your menu.

“The display of nutritional information in your restaurant can boost the ordering frequency of labelled menu items,” writes Dr. Rashmi Venjamuri on, “The consumers become confident about the nutritional and caloric values of the items they order when they look at the menu. Many diners are advised to keep a check on their food habits. The display of nutritional content on the menu makes it easy for them to decide and place an order.”

Update the menu regularly.

Keep your online menu fresh and engaging for your customers. Add new dishes and remove ones that aren’t selling. Make sure that your prices are up-to-date. You can also use your menu updates as an opportunity to showcase seasonal ingredients and specials.

Is your restaurant’s menu online?

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