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How To Create A Back To School Menu For Your Restaurant

We are just a couple of weeks away from the start of another school season! The summer really does fly by fast, doesn’t it? For your restaurant, that means it’s time to kick things into a different gear. The back to school season is most certainly upon us, so it only makes sense to update your menu.

Have you created a back to school menu for your restaurant? Let’s take a look at how to spruce things up for the season.

Creatively design a back to school section of your menu.

Why not, right? You’re a restaurant owner, so you clearly don’t sell back to school supplies. That doesn’t mean you can’t get in on the action that takes place at this time of year. Everyone needs to eat. So when you create a special “Back To School” section of your menu, you alert savvy shoppers to the discounted prices you offer on menu items for kids.

Highlight your most popular dishes with young folks, create new combos and offer reduced prices in this new section. Design the menu to be visually appealing to students and prepare for an increase in orders!

Offer half-priced Happy Hours.

During the school season, there is a very special time of day for all children. For most, it is somewhere around the 3 p.m. mark. Why not host a happy hour at some point after the school day? It will encourage more visitors from students and their parents who may be picking them up from school. Promote special offers on select menu items between three and five o’clock during weekdays to boost business.

“Host kid-centric ‘happy hours’ during a certain time period on weekdays,” suggests, “Slash prices on kids menu items in a specified timeframe to encourage even more foot traffic during those times. Most schools let out around 2-3pm, so you can start the half-priced happy hour at 2 and extend it until 5 right before the dinner rush.”

Launch a good grades rewards program.

There’s nothing like promoting education while boosting sales, is there? We believe it’s a wise choice to reward children for jobs well done in school. Perhaps, you can do just that by offering discounts for those who show up with good report cards. As recommends, you should start a program that recognizes students who do exceptional work.

“Encourage kids to bring in a report card or graded assignment in order to receive a free meal or discounted dessert,” advises the website, “Upon showing the waiter their gleaming grades, kids can receive a ticket good for a free or discounted item of their choice. This program isn’t only beneficial for parents’ wallets, it makes the kids feel special, too. Rewarding students for succeeding in school can even inspire them to continue making an effort to do well in class.”

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