How To Bring Back Customers After Cyber Monday

Welcome to Cyber Monday! Here’s hoping that your online store is already enjoying a significant surge in sales today. Holiday shoppers everywhere will be spending a lot of time on the internet all day long. The online-based follow up to Black Friday is known for its amazing discounts. As a result, today is known as the busiest online shopping day of the year. But what can you do to bring your customers back after Cyber Monday?

Provide a stress-free shopping experience.

Hopefully, you’ve already bolstered your website to make sure it’s super easy to navigate through. If you’ve made it mobile-friendly, you’re guaranteed to improve many customer experiences. The majority of online shopping is done on mobile devices. Also, if you’ve allowed for an easy checkout process, you’ll impress your site’s visitors. This involves offering guest checkout options instead of insisting upon account set ups.

“Let’s say your customers go through with their first purchase,” poses RetailDive.com, “The key part to getting them to keep coming back is to make sure, despite the stress and the rush of the holidays, that you provide them with a first experience they’ll never forget…the way that you communicate with your customers, and the experience you provide is going to be critical.”

Promise exclusive savings to new subscribers.

To encourage repeat business, you need to make future purchases appear worthwhile to customers. Let your site’s visitors know that when they return, after Cyber Monday, more deals await them. Offer customers the option to sign up as a subscriber in order to enjoy future benefits.

According to content marketer, Sanjeevani Kumar on MoEngage.com, “the best way to keep these customers engaged is to create meaningful experiences for them. Offer a subscription-based model to them. Retailers could also provide value-added services like free or express delivery, convenient returns, more discounts when they spend more with you etc.”

Follow up with customers after the sales.

Don’t simply assume that your customers will come back, no matter how satisfying their online shopping experiences may be. Send out emails (your site would have collected email addresses during the checkout process) to touch base with your customers. Don’t try to blatantly market in your emails. Instead, follow up to ensure your customers are happy with their purchases. Simply let them know you’re appreciative of their support and you’re available to help with whatever they need.

“Part of creating that amazing experience boils down to how you communicate with your customers throughout their customer journey,” says RetailDive.com, “Post-sale communication is going to be very important to your customers, who will be watching their inboxes like hawks for their tracking codes. In fact, order confirmation emails will have the highest open and click through rates of any other campaign you’ll send this holiday season.”

Are you not yet selling your products online?

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