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How To Boost Sales Using Your Laptop Computer

First coming into prominence in the early 1980s, the laptop computer can be described as the desktop computer’s younger, sleeker sibling. With the ability to be portable, laptops have grown tremendously in popularity over the past four decades. Long before tablets began giving laptops a run for their money as the widely-favoured mobile device, laptop computers were famously used by professionals and everyday people alike.

Of course, laptops are still very popular. Unlike tablets, they come equipped with keyboards which, for most people, are preferable ways to type and navigate through their systems. But, as a business owner, it’s important to know just how much money you can make using your laptop computer. This is especially vital knowledge as we all continue to contend with the coronavirus pandemic.

Utilize the power of video conferences.

COVID-19 has pushed most of us to work from home. If you’re a business professional who usually calls an office his/her daily work location, you have likely called home your workplace for months now. In an effort to prevent the spread of the virus, businesses all over the world have sent their workers home, with laptops in hand, to complete their daily tasks. Because most modern-day laptops contain cameras, they are ideal solutions for meetings via video conference.

“If there is one silver lining that came out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s definitely the widespread adoption of remote work,” writes Farhana Rahman on, “This cost-effective solution allows tech entrepreneurs to attract the best talents without the restrictions of geography. That shift was followed with the need to make video conferencing the norm, whereas before it used to be considered a backup.”

Get a better handle on your mobile marketing strategies.

Because a laptop can be charged and later used without being plugged in, it can be considered a mobile device. Take stock of the fact that the majority of internet use, these days, is done on mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. How does your company website measure up? View your site on your laptop and see where any changes may need to be made. Increasing ease of use will boost visitor satisfaction and eventually increase traffic.

“With mobile search growing at rates like 5-6 X per year, and as much as 25% of all searches happening on mobile devices, not having mobile-optimized search landing pages is simply a huge missed opportunity,” writes Michael Brenner on, “Mobile search advertisers report higher click-through rates and higher levels of engagement with mobile search. Some studies even suggest it is as much as 4-5 times more effective than other forms of online advertising.”

Turn your laptop into a POS terminal.

With Unity Payments’ Virtual Terminals, you can turn your laptop computer into a credit card terminal. This solution enables you to accept payments on the go! With your laptop, you can start taking payments anytime and anywhere. Process payments in-person, online or on the road!

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