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How To Be Productive In A Work Space Full Of Distractions

The pandemic may have gotten your work-from-home life started. But has doing your job outside of the traditional office become a mainstay? Surveys have found that the majority of Canadians would prefer to work from home, even as pandemic restrictions have lifted. Naturally, there are many stress-reducing benefits to not having to leave for the office every day. But how can a business professional remain productive in a work space full of distractions?

Establish a dedicated workstation.

Sure, we’d all love to work on our laptops while sitting in our beds drinking coffee. However, in order to be an effective worker, you should create an environment that is specifically designated for work. Communicate to your family and/or housemates that, short of emergencies, you shouldn’t be disturbed during the time you spend at this workstation.

“The workstations should make sense for the work being done,” writes Brittany Harker Martin on, “If the work is loud and disruptive, like video conferences or multimedia streams, assign that work to a room with a door. For quiet work that requires concentration, ear plugs or headphones with white noise may be needed. Taking a few moments to set up space for success will save the whole household from feeling frazzled.”

Utilize sound-reducing headphones.

For workers who live in homes that are filled with other inhabitants, it can be very difficult to find a quiet and private space to work in each day. In some cases, you have to create the quiet you need yourself. Sound-reducing headphones can assist you with keeping the outside world from becoming a major distraction. By wearing them, you can better focus on the work you have in front of you, says

“AirPods are the most popular option with this feature, so investing in a pair of your own would be smart,” recommends the website, “But with other people in your house, there’s a good chance that yours isn’t the only pair of AirPods lying around. Ensure no one else commandeers yours when you need them most with a stylish airpod pro case, and there will be no excuses if they go missing.”

Stick to a firm quitting time.

Know exactly when your work day ends every day. This helps you to stay focused during work hours. The idea is to stick to a set number of hours to complete your work each day so that you won’t dilly-dally. Not to mention, a set quitting time helps us feel we have psychological control over our work, says Martin.

“Children who are accustomed to timed periods, bells for breaks and a set time to go home still require structure and routine to make them feel safe, especially during these uncertain times,” she explains, “For children and adults, setting a timer and establishing the norm that work-time has a beginning and an end can signal familiar norms of the workplace and school, and lead to more effective behaviours for sharing space together.”

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