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How Stellar Customer Service Can Generate Referrals

There is nothing like word of mouth promotion. If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it thousands of times. We’re sure that just about every business professional would agree with us. When happy customers spread the word about a company they really like, it provides a huge value to that brand. Consumers trust other consumers. No advertising campaign has quite the same power as a legitimate recommendation from another customer.

This is why providing stellar customer service is so vital to the success of your business. It generates referrals!

Make contacting you easy.

These days, accessibility is everything. There are way too many communication sources available for you to not be easy to reach. Phone numbers and emails are just the beginning. There are also live chats, messaging apps, texting and social media available to consumers for the purpose of contacting your business. To boost referrals, suggests that business owners provide omnichannel support.

“Whether it’s Twitter, email, phone, or a carrier pigeon you need to provide support where your customers contact you,” insists the site, “A Dimensional Research study found 28% of those surveyed said being able to contact a company on their preferred channel was part of a good customer experience.”

Ask customers to share their thoughts online.

A huge number of today’s consumers hit up the internet in order to gain insight into the businesses they’re considering giving their support. When they read positive customer reviews, they become much more likely to make purchases from the companies receiving praise. These days, it is not at all uncommon for store owners to request online reviews. As long as you offer excellent customer experiences, your customers should be happy to spread the word.

“Your online reviews are almost like personal recommendations,” writes Akshat Biyani on, “According to Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. So if your business has lots of positive reviews, you’re more likely to make a sale.” 

Address emotions.

It’s not enough that you’re able to answer questions correctly. It is also not enough that you’re able to provide your customer service quickly. While these aspects are great, it’s also vital that you are empathetic. Is there an issue facing your customer that has caused some distress? Be mindful of how people feel and be sure to show your human side. As reminds us, sometimes when customers reach out for support, they need to vent.

“One of the most important skills in handling difficult customer conversations is to know when to listen and when to respond,” informs the website, “According to the Harvard Business Review study mentioned earlier, 24% of repeat calls in their study came from an emotional disconnect between customers and agents. There isn’t anyone reason that causes the disconnect, but there are ways to combat it.”

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