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How Important Is Your Tablet To Running Your Business?

In 2021, you’d be hard pressed to find any business professional who doesn’t make constant use of a mobile device. Smartphones and tablets are practical must-haves in today’s business world. The more than year-long pandemic has made certain of that. With today’s mobile devices, people have the ability to conduct business in remote locations. In the past year, this has pretty much become mandatory for business professionals all over the world.

If you happen to use a tablet to run your business, you’re surely aware of the many benefits the mobile device provides you.

Conduct training.

Tablets are excellent replacements for old school televisions and VCRs. Do you remember the days when you would have to wheel those contraptions into a room for presentations? Today, a tablet serves as a great multimedia tool. It connects you to the internet (provided you have a Wi-Fi connection) and enables you to share videos and other media.

“If you have to train your team, or yourself, why not sit down with a tablet where you can listen and watch?” asks TJ McCue on, “You could subscribe to a service like and arrange technical training for your entire team using their mobile and tablet apps. Or you can simply set up your own hand-picked curriculum on a corporate intranet.”

View and edit your documents.

Gone are the days when “being on the computer” meant being straddled to a seat in an office. With your tablet, you can literally write, view and edit documents from any location you wish. This is an important way to ensure that both projects are completed and invoices are sent out on time. On, Brett Nuckles explains the benefits of using Google Drive to view and edit documents on your tablet.

“Google Drive is a cloud storage app that lets you view documents and spreadsheets on your Android tablet,” he informs, “But where it really excels is by integrating with Google’s standalone Android apps, including the Docs word processor and Sheets spreadsheet editor. New and edited files are automatically uploaded to your Google Docs account, so you can access them on any Web-connected device.”

Zoom away!

Your tablet isn’t a phone. But it can certainly be used to communicate with your clients, colleagues and co-workers. This is especially in today’s pandemic-burdened world where video conferencing services like Zoom, Streamyard and Zencastr are all the rage. Your tablet gives you access to excellent substitutes for traditional phone calls. Being accessible, of course, is a very important element of providing customer satisfaction.

“I don’t mean you should hold that thing up to your ear; you’ll look quite strange,” McCue remarks of his advice to use tablets as “phones”, “However, if you load it with Skype or Google Voice, and add a Bluetooth headset, you can easily use a tablet as an internet phone to make and receive calls.”

Turn it into a POS terminal.

With Unity Payments’ Virtual Terminals, you can turn your tablet into a credit card terminal. This solution enables you to accept payments on the go! With your tablet, you can start taking payments anytime and anywhere. Process payments in-person, online or on the road! For more information about our Virtual Terminals, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at