Touch Screen Kiosks

How A Touch Screen Kiosk Will Make Your Holiday Season Brighter

Can you believe THAT time of year is actually here? With November fully underway, we’re in the midst of beginning the busiest shopping season of the year. The holiday season is fast approaching! Retailers all over Canada are now preparing for rushes of holiday shoppers who they hope will significantly increase their sales numbers.

Did you know that having a touch screen kiosk in your store can help to boost your sales? In fact, touch screen kiosks also give merchants the ability to grow their customer bases and rates of customer satisfaction. How so?

A touch screen kiosk can quicken the checkout process.

The holiday shopping season and long line ups go hand in hand. This fact often annoys many a shopper. Long wait times to pay for purchases don’t have to be inevitable. A touch screen kiosk can be used to enable self-checkouts. As reported by, a 2018 survey found that 66% of shoppers prefer self-service technology.

“Similarly to the traditional checkout process, self-checkout kiosks can be designed to accept a variety of different payment options, incorporate any additional necessary components like RFID scanners, and can notify a store employee if a shopper needs help,” details the website, “Best of all, self-checkout kiosks allow shoppers to quickly scan, pay for, and bag their items without having to wait in long lines.”

Touch screen kiosks help to speed up shopping experiences.

Not every holiday shopper is a happy one. Some people simply don’t like the idea of trudging through crowded stores and malls. They’d much prefer speedy “get in, get out” experiences. A touch screen kiosk gives such a consumer the ability to quickly locate and purchase the items he/she is looking for. This greatly improves customer satisfaction. The experience can turn a potentially disgruntled shopper into a loyal customer.

“Designed to drive efficiency throughout the entire retail experience, endless aisle kiosks enable shoppers to quickly and easily browse and choose from the available inventory, both in-store and online, and pay for their goods — all from the kiosk,” explains, “Customers are able to select and receive their purchases in a timely manner and retailers are able to limit congestion throughout the store — it’s a win-win.”

A touch screen kiosk can grow customer loyalty.

Happy customers are often return customers. Business owners from all industries can agree that there’s nothing better than repeat business. Your best form of advertising is providing excellent customer experiences each and every time. As noted, touch screen kiosk helps for customer experiences to be enjoyable. However, kiosks can also be used to implement customer loyalty programs. highlights the fact that consumers find discounts, coupons and rewards very enticing.

“Providing a designated kiosk on which shoppers can enroll in such programs increases the likelihood for enrollment and also expedites the check-out process, where customers would have previously been given instructions for enrollment by a cashier,” says the site.

How would you like to enjoy your most successful holiday season yet?

A touch screen kiosk can certainly help with that. Learn all about the high-quality touch screen kiosks offered by Unity Payments today! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at