Touch Screen Kiosks

How A Touch Screen Kiosk Can Boost Your Holiday Sales

With approximately three weeks to go until Christmas Day, retailers all over Canada are experiencing their busiest time of the year. To both grow sales and secure long-term loyalty from customers, it’s important for business owners to offer memorable experiences to holiday shoppers. With a touch screen kiosk, a small business can provide that big business feel.

Touch screen technology helps to alleviate the pressure of employees who get inundated with questions from customers. That is just one benefit of utilizing a touch screen kiosk. It has the ability to boost a store’s holiday sales in a number of ways.

It catches the attention of customers.

In today’s world, videos are vitally important components of marketing. Social media platforms like Instagram have made it so that posting and sharing videos is an everyday activity. When visiting your store, a customer is a lot more likely to be captivated by a moving image than a still one. With a touch screen kiosk, a shop can display a video to better draw the attention of passers-by.

Of course, during the holiday season, the malls are generally packed. A store can greatly benefit from utilizing a touch screen kiosk. It can showcase a more compelling nature than the other shops that surround it. Business owners would be wise to showcase visually stimulating videos that appeal to the lifestyles, needs and wants of their target audiences. Holiday-themed content is a go-to choice at this time of year.

It helps to reduce customer stress.

Not every holiday shopper is a happy one. Many people find the entire process of holiday gift shopping to be very stressful. What to get? Where to get it? A touch screen kiosk helps to answer these questions and alleviate stress in the process. Once your visuals have captivated shoppers, it’s important that they also demonstrate their functionality.

A touch screen kiosk is best utilized as a customer service agent. Customers can tap the screen to have questions answered, locate items in-store and even make direct payments. This helps to shorten line ups at the checkout, making the process so much quicker. Long line ups are among the top stressors of holiday shoppers. An alluring touch screen kiosk simply makes holiday shopping easier.

It improves the checkout process.

To further elaborate on the previously-made point, a touch screen kiosk makes life easier for retail store employees. Long line ups at checkout cause stress for both customers and workers alike. With a touch screen kiosk offering customers the ability to find products and pay for them, it helps for cashiers to have lighter workloads.

Of course, the improved customer experience helps for shoppers to grow their fondness for the store in question. A touch screen kiosk can go a long way in improving employee morale and boosting customer satisfaction. This win-win situation provides a retailer with both a successful holiday season and a bright future for his/her business.

How would you like to enjoy your most successful holiday season yet?

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