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Having Your Own Online Ordering System Improves Customer Relationships

Here, in the province of Ontario, we are experiencing yet another lockdown-slash-stay-at-home order. To say that it has put a damper on the start of spring would be a major understatement. A year ago, all across Canada, people were optimistic that, by now, the pandemic would be a thing of the past. Alas, it seems we still have a way to go.

Over the past year, the impact the pandemic has had on your small business has likely been immeasurable. In addition to the financial losses, your emotional stress has probably reached all-time highs. Our most sincere and heartfelt best wishes go out to everyone who has endured loss during this incredibly tough time.

At Unity Payments, we pride ourselves on being able to bring a little peace of mind to small business owners throughout Canada. For example, we assist restaurant owners by setting them up with their own online ordering systems. You’re undoubtedly aware of how much the popularity of ordering takeout and delivery has grown in the past year. But you may be wondering about what the benefits of having your online ordering system may be.

It makes you the only point of contact for your customers.

With third-party delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats, your restaurant only provides the food – not the service. As a result, those other entities get to grow their customer relationships at your expense. Is that really fair?

Having your own online ordering platform enables you to build rapport with customers. You are the direct contact in the event there are any issues with the orders. Instead of having a third-party delivery service take all the credit for remedying issues, your restaurant is able to speak directly to customers. This is vital in order to grow your reputation with your customer base.

Customers are able to place orders on a schedule.

With your own online ordering system for your restaurant, you allow customers to log on at their convenience. They can quickly choose the items they want to order and request for them to be delivered at a time of their choosing. This greatly helps to alleviate stress on your staff. Instead of having people man the phones to take orders, digital orders are processed. Not only are they done quicker, but they’re also more accurate, as a result.

Customers can check their order statuses at any time.

With your own online ordering system, you give your customers the ability to get instant online access to the order statuses. Customers can simply login to the system to see when their orders are ready for pickup. They can also determine when and where those orders are to be delivered, if that’s preferred. Of course, they can also cancel their orders, if necessary.

You’re not just relying on those third-party food delivery apps to allow your customers to order food from your restaurant, are you? Contact Unity Payments and quickly set up your own online ordering system for your restaurant! To get started, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at info@unitypayments.ca.