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Growing Your Restaurant’s Patronage In 2023

The holiday season may be behind us. But that is certainly no reason to assume that your restaurant business is about to experience a lull. There will always be hungry folks. So, it’s imperative that your restaurant promotes itself as a top choice for those looking to fill their bellies. Remember, of course, that your restaurant’s success depends on so much more than its food.

Does your establishment have an inviting atmosphere? Is your brand known for its amazing customer service? There are many facets of a restaurant that make it well-liked. What steps will you take to grow your restaurant’s patronage in 2023?

Start a loyalty program.

Do loyalty programs ever falter? Honestly, who doesn’t love the prospect of getting freebies and discounts? If you haven’t already established a loyalty program in your restaurant, launch one in 2023. It will entice both your current supporters and curious first-timers to visit your restaurant on a regular basis.

“After the indulgence of the holiday season, it can be tempting to retreat to one’s cocoon,” says Hillary Holmes on SpotOn.com, “Attract new guests with a branded loyalty program that helps you connect and reward your guests for their visits or online orders. Plus, offering a half price item or appetizer is amazingly effective at getting people through the door.”

Seek press coverage.

What is your restaurant’s story? Do you have an interesting tale to tell about how it got off the ground? What were your favourite dishes growing up? How have you incorporated them into your eatery’s menu? Consider the inspiring story of your business and reach out to media outlets to tell it. As the U.K.’s OpenTable contends, a restaurateur’s marketing dream is finding a favourable article brimming with glowing praise about his/her restaurant.

“It’s true that press coverage, known as ‘earned’ media coverage, is great for raising your profile and building awareness,” reads their website, “But it doesn’t happen by magic. There are invisible and sometimes expensive resources at work behind the scenes making media coverage happen. Getting covered in the press takes a combination of time, commitment and resources. Oh, and some luck.”

Allow your customers to place orders online.

Online ordering isn’t just the way of the future. It’s a modern-day expectation. Especially in the wake of the pandemic, hungry consumers have been looking for the most convenient ways possible to order and pay for their food. In 2023, it will practically be vital for your restaurant to enable its customers to go online to order their meals. With an online ordering system in place, you can both take orders and receive payments for them in one fell swoop.

“Take the time to make sure you have professional, up to date photos of your menu items, that your modifiers and sides are all accounted for, and guests know they can order directly from your restaurant without sacrificing fees to third party platforms,” advises Holmes, “A restaurant online ordering system can help drive sales if your guests are prone to hibernation, and help you reach new folks, too.”

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