Getting People Excited About Your Summer Fundraiser

Although we still have a good six weeks or so until the official start of summer, there’s no reason to not begin preparing for it. It’s wise to keep in mind that, for most Canadians, summer is the most anticipated season of the year. It only makes sense that we relish the idea of warm and sunny days after long droughts of cold conditions.

One way to get your business the buzz it needs, during the summer, is to start a fundraising campaign. As you can imagine, the benefits of doing so are many. A summer fundraiser will help to generate more interest in your brand while raising donations for a worthwhile charity.

Have an ice cream party.

We would be willing to venture a guess that ice cream makes most people’s “Top 5 Summer Eats” lists. Ice cream and summertime go hand in hand, don’t they? Both adults and children enjoy this cold and sweet treat. Hosting an ice cream party fundraising event, this summer, is sure to help you raise funds for the cause of your choice.

On, Ilma Ibrisevic informs us that, in order to organize an ice cream social, you need to pick a location, choose a time and be mindful of the weather. “You’ll also need a cool space to store the ice cream and enough space for visitors to talk and mingle,” she writes, “Finally, you’ll also need volunteers to help set up the event and pass out ice cream. To increase the number of donations, remember to set up a booth or a table where people can learn more about your nonprofit.”

Guide a summer excursion.

Naturally, summer is the time of year when people are most encouraged to enjoy the great outdoors. This is especially true for city folk who would love nothing more than to escape their concrete jungles. Consider launching a fundraiser that offers donors the ability to get out of the city to join a summer hike.

“As the days get warmer, more and more people look for ways to get out of the city,” notes George Weiner on, “A great way to respond to this need is to organize summer camping or summer hiking. This is a great fundraising idea for almost any age group, which makes it simple to customize depending on your nonprofit’s audience and mission.”

Host a barbecue.

We can smell the savoury goodness now! Is there an outdoor event more popular than the barbeque during the summertime? As Ibrisevic points out, barbecues are great ways to attract a big crowd during the summer. She also notes that they are family-friendly summer fundraising ideas and that there are several ways to go about raising funds at a barbecue. Selling barbecue plates, selling barbecue sauces and drinks, organizing raffles and auctions are among them.

“You can even organize craft beer tasting, eating contests, or grilling classes in parallel,” suggests Ibrisevic, “For kids, you can organize ball and bucket toss, floating duck pond, turtle races, or whack-a-mole. Make additional money by charging a small fee for all of these activities.”

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