Get Your Online Shoppers To Love You With These Valentine’s Day Deals

Valentine’s Day arrives in just ten days! That means the next week and a half will see a lot of people scrambling to find the perfect gifts for their partners. Many of those people will be taking to the internet to complete their Valentine’s Day shopping. What will make them choose your online store over others? Try getting your online shoppers to love you with these Valentine’s Day deals!

Offer fast and free shipping.

It’s only right we start with this marketing strategy. Arguably, there is nothing more enticing to an online shopper than the prospect of having items shipped for free. Not to mention, it’s vital that the products ordered arrive on time. Needless to say, your e-commerce site will have to make good on its promises to have items delivered by February 14th. If you can offer fast and free shipping, make sure to bring attention to it as on your site’s homepage.

“Timing matters for any gift-focused holiday,” affirms Vishakha Nathani on Knowband.com, “A gift sends for Valentine’s Day, delivered after Valentine’s will spoil the mood…You can offer free shipping and affordable fast shipping option to your customers. Promote the shipping option for late browsers that they need to select for guaranteed delivery in time.”

Create a funny Valentine’s Day meme.

If you’re not utilizing social media to promote your e-commerce site, you’re simply not trying to push sales. It’s important, of course, to place links to your online store in your posts. But it’s also imperative that you remember the “social” part of social media. Not every post should be an advertisement. Create a funny Valentine’s Day meme to encourage some engagement. The more likes, comments and shares it gets, the more notice your brand will receive.

“A funny Valentine’s Day themed meme can create engagement in your business’s social accounts,” contends Dmytro Polishchuk of Promo Republic, “On Instagram, that gives you credibility. On Facebook, it’s crucial. As you know, Facebook has changed the algorithm to promote posts by friends and family, so business posts need to have heavy engagement to show up in the feeds of fans and followers.”

Bundle together related items to make better gifts.

Can you combine a box of chocolates with that order of flowers? Might it be wise to bundle that necklace with the bracelet? Can you throw in a scarf to go with those gloves? Consider the various products you have that would make great packages when put together. Offer them up as special Valentine’s Day gift ideas and sell them at discounted prices.

“For Valentine’s Day, some couples may be reluctant to purchase a product that they fear will seem cheap or that is not enough for the occasion,” says Nathani, “One way to address this problem is to bundle many products together. You can upsell and cross-sell relevant products. If you sell soaps then you can club it with scented candles and aromatic fresheners.”

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