Finding More Creative Ways To Impress Your Restaurant’s Customers

In our last blog, we decided to revisit the importance of customer satisfaction in the restaurant industry. We noted the fact that the easing of pandemic-related restrictions should help restaurateurs all over the country welcome back patrons at higher rates. However, it’s vital to place a focus on customer satisfaction in order to keep patrons coming back.

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at a few more creative ways to impress your restaurant’s customers.

Call your customers by name.

How often have you dined in a restaurant and had your server refer to you by name? We’re willing to be that either “not often at all”, “hardly ever” or “actually…never!” are the most popular responses to this question. Create a policy that asks your servers to ask for the names of their guests. They may not all be easy to remember. However, the effort placed in getting to know your customers on a first-name basis can go a long way.

“An OpenTable survey showed that 70% of guests want a personalized customer experience at a casual restaurant, the main factor being engagement,” reports Chloe Henderson on, “Staff can call guests by their name, suggest specific dishes, and remember regular customers’ orders to create a sense of familiarity. This effort makes customers feel welcomed and valued.”

Ensure that your staff members love working for you.

There is simply no way to satisfy your customers if the people serving them aren’t satisfied themselves. Have you created a fun and engaging work environment? Everyone from your chefs to your servers must like working at your restaurant. It will generate a warm and exciting atmosphere for your customers. As well, ensuring employee satisfaction will get them to stay. After all, no employer enjoys a high employee turnover rate.

“Turning hospitality work into a career choice with flexible hours, social or sports programs, and even bonuses for reaching targets are all extra ways to engage staff and keep them working for you,” says, “If the staff are happy, chances are they will be more willing to go the extra mile for your customers.”

Respond to negative reviews online.

In truth, no one WANTS negative reviews about their businesses. However, you may want to change your mind about the possibility of getting them. In the event you see an online review from a disgruntled customer, take it as an opportunity to make your business shine. Directly respond to the complaint offering your sincere apologies and willingness to remedy the situation. Not only will your attention to the matter impress the angry customer, it will impress all others who see the online interaction.

“A survey shows that restaurants receive 14% of all online complaints, making them the number one industry for negative online reviews,” reveals Henderson, Online scrutiny spreads quickly but can be rectified by responding to the critiques directly. Replying to complaints can increase customer advocacy by nearly 25%; therefore, monitoring online feedback daily is very helpful for creating customer loyalty and improving restaurant performance.”

Let your customers order food directly from your restaurant’s website.

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