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Expedited Shipping: The Key To A Last Minute Holiday Sales Boost

Christmas is officially one week away! For many people, this is a very exciting time of year. The anticipation of the big day is almost as exciting as the big day itself. Then again, this time of year is also very stressful for many people. For both the super busy and the ultra lazy, the holiday shopping season hasn’t even started yet! Enter the “last minute holiday shopping season”. In the week to come, many last minute shoppers will be looking to make purchases at great deals.

As a retailer, it’s important to know that a “great deal” isn’t just one that offers a discounted price. Because the holiday shopping season is winding down, quickness is of the essence. Last minute shoppers don’t just want to find gifts – they want them quickly! As an online retailer, there is a very simple, yet important way to attract such procrastinators.

Offer expedited shipping!

Especially because of COVID-19, online holiday shopping has never been so popular. Consumers have long loved the ability to make purchases from the comforts of their own homes. But now, because it’s a safety issue, using the internet to buy gifts is more important than ever. This point on the calendar, however, presents a big worry. Will my package get here before Christmas?

Now that it’s getting down to the wire, last minute online shoppers need assurances that their purchases will arrive before Christmas Day. Can you give them that assurance? According to Madara Zalcmane on Printful.com, there’s something in it for you. “Many last-minute shoppers will be willing to pay a little more to get their gifts on time, so make the most of this opportunity,” she writes.

Offer local delivery or curbside pickup!

In lieu of expedited shipping, you should provide other options that will ensure your online shoppers they will have their purchases in time for Christmas. Curbside pickup has been all the rage since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not just a safety measure. It’s a guarantee that what is purchased online can be in the hands of the purchaser on the same day the purchase is made.

“Local delivery and local or curbside pickup are great ways to satisfy your local shoppers who are looking for last-minute holiday gifts,” affirms Emily Manley on Shopify.ca, “These alternate delivery methods started as a lifeline to help merchants early in the pandemic but have proven to be critical for business owners looking to connect with their nearby customers, increase sales, and provide a great customer experience. It also lets customers support their local businesses while staying safe and saving on shipping costs. A win-win for all involved!”

Is your company website all set up with an online shop?

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