E-Commerce Marketing Strategies To Adopt In 2022

Here we are in the year 2022. It’s a year marked by the fact we have approximately two years of experience living in a pandemic. As a result, business owners have become savvy in ways they haven’t before. How do we send our employees home and work just as effectively as if they were in the office? That is certainly a question that many an entrepreneur has had to answer. Here’s another one: How do we successfully move our business to an e-commerce platform?

Without question, online shopping is more popular than ever before. It’s no longer just a fantastic convenience. It has become a safety measure. If you’re not making your products available for sale online, you’re missing out on significantly growing your company’s bottom line. Of course, you can’t just make products available online. You have to promote the fact that they are! Let’s take a look at some important e-commerce strategies to adopt in 2022.

Utilize your social media accounts.

This tip should come as no surprise. Make no mistake about it. In 2022, the Facebooks, Instagrams and Twitters of the world are more popular than ever. Be sure to utilize your accounts each and every day. Don’t assume that all you need to do is plug your wares. Social media offer you opportunities to showcase your brand’s personality. Be fun and engaging. As well, utilize the advertising tools given to you by the platforms you use.

“Nowadays, social media platforms have made it that much easier for e-commerce businesses to create and maintain their presence,” informs AdNabu.com, “Instagram allows swipe-up links on stories and product stickers on posts that, when clicked on, leads viewers directly to a product or catalogue. Facebook has a ‘dynamic ads’ feature that allows owners to upload entire catalogues and promote relevant content to individual users.”

Regularly update your website with new content.

Growing your SEO (search engine optimization) will remain a very important task in 2022. Content marketing is all the rage because it offers consumers so much more than blatant advertising. Look at what we’re doing here! This very blog is part of Unity Payments’ commitment to constantly enriching its website with relevant content. Because this space on our site both offers insight and keeps the site fresh, it helps to grow our company’s online reach.

“Content marketing focuses on creating and making available relevant, interesting, helpful, value-added content consistently to cultivate a loyal audience,” explains AdNabu.com, “This bolsters customer interactions and drives readers to your e-commerce brand. This, in turn, boosts inbound traffic and lead generation with the end goal being increased sales and more customers.”

Include reviews on your site.

If you have positive customer reviews (here’s hoping you do!), it’s practically vital you showcase them on your website. Word of mouth promotion simply can’t be beat. Consumers trust the words of other consumers far more than they do traditional ads. According to BlendCommerce.com, 93% of shoppers use the internet to find products and of those users, 73% pay attention to the reviews written in the last month.

Is your company in need of a safe and secure e-commerce solution? Unity Payments can help you to take advantage of this ever-growing trend. We’ve made selling online easier than ever! Please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at info@unitypayments.ca to learn more.