The fall season officially gets underway on Wednesday, September 22. So now would be the perfect time to update your restaurant’s menu. Welcoming the new season is a great way to entice customers to visit your eatery. It’s always a good idea to keep things fresh. But adding new fall-based menu items is a go-to no brainer of an idea at present. So what new treats should you add to your menu to celebrate the fall?

Add some pumpkin to the proceedings.

Pumpkins and the autumn season go hand in hand. Once the fall starts, we almost immediately begin thinking about Thanksgiving and Halloween. Between pumpkin pies and jack-o-lanterns, it’s practically impossible to have fall without the giant orange squash. It’s a wise choice to add pumpkin-based items to your menu for the months to come. As Matthew G writes on, from coffee shops to restaurants, the pumpkin spice craze continues to take the world by storm.

“Try to introduce some offerings that last through November,” he suggests, “For instance, adding a selection of pumpkin spice treats on the dessert menu like donuts, cookies or cupcakes will definitely catch your customers’ eyes. While desserts and lattes are any easy win, you can always do something outside the box. A deliciously flavoured pumpkin spice vinaigrette can top a wide variety of fresh salads.”

Bring in some butternut squash.

Butternut squash soup is a practical staple at many a Thanksgiving dinner. The orange colour of the treat alone is enough to make it a fall-time favourite. But, as Kate declares on, butternut squash chipotle chili with avocado is a dish just right for fall weather and football games. HERE is the recipe!

“It strikes that balance between spicy and sweet that I love in Mexican food, like a good mole sauce,” she writes, “Chipotle and chili powder provide ample spice to round off the sweet, seasonal flavor of butternut squash. Top with crispy tortilla strips and plenty of creamy, diced Avocados from Mexico for a hearty meal that will satisfy vegans, carnivores and gluten-free eaters alike. Meals like that aren’t easy to come by, you know?

Put more maple on the menu.

Mmmm…maple! It’s both very Canadian and very autumn-esque. Maple glazed salmon can make a delicious addition to any menu. However, if your restaurant offers breakfast, you may also wish to consider promoting items that include maple flavours. Pancakes anyone? And, of course, don’t forget to spruce up your dessert menu! As Matthew G reminds us, maple has always been a mainstay in the fall.

“While there are plenty of dessert ideas you can make, think of entrees and appetizers where you can incorporate maple flavouring,” he recommends, “Consider using a maple glaze on meats like chicken or pork chops, or create a syrup blend that can go on sweet potatoes or butternut squash. Instead of pumpkin spice, a maple latte is the perfect morning or after-dinner drink to offer your patrons.”

Do you allow your customers to place orders online?

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