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Celebrating Halloween Can Boost Sales In Your Online Shop

Halloween comes at the end of the month! In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that the spooky celebration is one that should be utilized by marketers everywhere. No matter your business, it’s wise to incorporate Halloween into your advertising campaigns all month long. Arguably, this is especially true for e-commerce retailers.

How can you utilize your social media accounts and company website to boost sales in your online shop?

Publish a spooky video.

Videos are undeniably among the top ways to connect with your target audience. By publishing a video to Instagram and/or YouTube, you give your brand the opportunity to go viral. The key, of course, is to publish something that is worth sharing. Consider some Halloween-themed ideas that you can incorporate into your marketing strategies. As Angela Diniak suggests on Oyova.com, a quick ghost, silhouette, creepy music or dressed up animal paired with a product can be a lot of fun.

“You can’t neglect video when it comes to effective Halloween marketing ideas,” she insists, “It continues to be tops in ‘clickability’ and sharing. It doesn’t have to be too complicated and certainly not very long. 30 seconds or even 10 seconds will work for rapidly scrolling timelines on the internet.”

Spice up your site.

Lattes will be spiced up with pumpkin flavours all month long. Your company website should be spiced up too! Adding Halloween-based imagery to your company website clearly declares that something special is happening with your business. Firstly, it shows your commitment to keeping current. Secondly, it suggests that your brand is a fun one. Thirdly, it declares that you have savings for shoppers to enjoy!

On Fool.com, Karen McCandless insists that you spice up all of your marketing materials this month. “October is an excellent opportunity to get creative with your branding, as Halloween lends itself to attractive visuals,” she notes, “Add temporary Halloween branding to all your marketing materials to attract customers’ attention and show that you are a relevant company.”

Support Halloween-based posts on social media.

Obviously, you’ll be seeing a lot of Halloween-based posts on social media all month long. One of the key ways to get noticed on the Instagrams and Facebooks of the world is to like posts and comment on them. With every like and comment you make, you create a link to your company’s account on that platform. As well, showing support of your friends and followers is a great way to endear consumers to your brand. Every click on your page makes a social media user a step closer to your online shop.

“One of the easiest Halloween marketing ideas is to spend some time supporting your audience/followers during this time of year,” says Diniak, “Share their kid’s costume photos. Comment on their creative Halloween projects. Retweet images of their spooky decorations. The visual storytelling around Halloween is a tremendous opportunity to connect and engage existing customers — and attract new ones.”

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