Breaking Down The Massive Popularity Of M-Commerce

As you’re surely aware, e-commerce is short for electronic commerce. It is defined as the trading of goods and services over the internet. In other words, e-commerce is a fancy way of referring to online shopping. Jumping online to shop, however, comes in many forms. Have you ever heard of m-commerce? It is the term used to describe online shopping that is completed on any mobile device, such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. 

Smartphone usage improves the in-store experience.

M-commerce is often combined with brick and mortar shopping. Consumers are finding that their smartphones come in pretty handy when in stores as they enable quick access to product information. Consider the convenience that comes with locating an item in a store and going online immediately to learn more about it. Because of the quick access to the internet provided by mobile devices, m-commerce is fast becoming a societal mainstay.

According to Boardfy.com, 82% of smartphone users turn to their phones inside a store when making purchase decisions. In addition to learning more about the products and/or services in question, m-commerce enables consumers to make quick price comparisons. If an in-store product is found online for a cheaper price, the likelihood is that the consumer will make the online purchase. Contrarily, a competitive in-store price can help to secure the sale in-store.

M-commerce improves customer satisfaction.

Being able to pull out a pocket-sized device to either shop or do product research is incredibly convenient. In many cases, the information provided by the internet can make or break a consumer’s buying decision. A person can be on the way to a store and place an order before getting there. As well, he/she can either make the purchase online or make the decision to visit the store knowing that the coveted product is available there.

“Considering most people never leave the house without a smartphone, m-commerce makes online shopping far more convenient,” reads BigCommerce.com, “With the ability to send customers SMS push notifications, online retailers can reach a wider range of customers even when they’re on the go.”

M-commerce boosts brand loyalty.

If a consumer can locate a store’s product information online, he/she will be a lot more likely to support that brand. By utilizing mobile devices to quickly research just about anything, shoppers familiarize themselves with their favourite products and brands. As a result, brick and mortar shops end up increasing foot traffic.

As Boardfy.com reveals, 50% of shoppers who purchased from a retailer online also had an in-store experience in that same period. Furthermore, 25% of in-store shoppers have interacted with the retailer online in the last three months. Simply put, m-commerce and in-person shopping go hand in hand.

Do you allow your customers to make online purchases?

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