Boosting Online Sales Well After Cyber Monday

Welcome to Cyber Monday! As a consumer, you’d be wise to take to the internet, at some point today, to try to secure some of the best deals the holiday shopping season will offer you. As a retailer, here’s hoping you’ve taken the appropriate means to promote your e-commerce site. Maximizing sales is the name of the game on Cyber Monday. However, it goes without saying that you’d like to continue to enjoy strong online sales well into the future.

What can you do to boost your online sales well after Cyber Monday?

Create a seamless mobile experience.

It’s a point that bears repeating. In nearly every blog we’ve written about improving e-commerce sales, we feel the need to highlight the importance of having a mobile-friendly site. How often do you use your mobile devices for surfing the internet? Most everyone is doing it. If your online shop isn’t easy to access on a smartphone or tablet, it will turn online shoppers away. Be sure to optimize your online shop for a seamless shopping experience.

“More and more customers are browsing, creating wishlists, and finding inspiration for their holiday gifts through their phones,” says Snapchat.com, “In fact, 67% of all e-Commerce sales this year will come from mobile.”

Respond to everyone on social media.

Don’t take your social media accounts lightly. In many cases, they will represent the first and only sources of communication that members of your target audience choose to use. Many consumers head to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to ask questions of the businesses they are interested in. Be sure to respond to both queries in your comment section and in your inbox. The public responses are the best ones. They don’t just help one customer but showcase to all of your friends and followers your company’s penchant for providing top-notch customer service.

“If you really want to have some fun, respond to even the most ridiculous of mentions with your own special brand of humour,” suggests Erin Rodrigue on HubSpot.com, “Your customers will love you — and maybe check out your products.”

Use audio and video marketing techniques.

In today’s world, visual stimuli play a large role in successful marketing efforts. Social media platforms like Instagram have made photos and videos all the rage. Therefore, it’s important to utilize audio and video to promote your brand. Create short videos demonstrating the benefits of your products. Make them both funny and informational to promote sharing of your videos. The more eyes that see them, the more customers you will entice to visit your online store.

“Using full screen images/video and audio in your ads can inspire, educate and move shoppers to buy,” informs Snapchat.com, “Place your products front and centre in your creative to drive desire.” 

Do you allow your customers to make online purchases?

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