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Are You Ready To Do Away With Handheld Menus?

Surely, you can still offer your restaurant’s customers handheld menus if you want to. Many restaurants still do. But what is so innovative about that? If you wish to stand out from your competitors, you may wish to go the online route.

In our last blog, we detailed how an online menu can grow your restaurant business. We pointed out how it can help you capture more orders than your competitors, maximize your table turnover rates and help you start partnerships with other restaurants. Are you ready to do away with handheld menus? Let’s discuss a few reasons why you may wish to consider it.

An online menu helps you to upsell.

An online menu has the ability to be interactive. Obviously, a paper-based menu cannot notice what a customer is interested in and make recommendations based on it. Your restaurant’s online menu can pair certain items with others to help make the ordering process easier for your customers. On FrescoFud.com, Vinupradha reminds restaurateurs about the importance of upselling in order to grow their bottom lines.

“Assume your visitors will order at any rate an entree always,” she encourages, “And, from that point, workers can energize side orders like mixed salad. Depict all your menu items to your customers in detail. Encourage them to share preferred starters, desserts and beverages. With only a couple of words, workers can lure diners to order an additional item more like an appetizer.”

Localize your marketing tactics.

The QR code that sends people directly to your online menu can be placed just about anywhere. Include it on all of your marketing material. The more places your QR code appears, the more opportunities you give people to visit your online menu and place their orders. As CloudKitchens.com explains, you can start reaching more local customers with print flyers and signage around your restaurant location.

“You can post a QR code on each flyer to help drive more orders by making it quick and easy for passersby to quickly pull out their phones and check out your menu,” the website details, “This will help you maximize your reach by not only reaching more hungry customers online, but also more locals in your area. It’s all about convenience. The easier it is to order from your restaurant, the more likely a hungry customer will choose your restaurant over a competitor.”

Strengthen your social media presence.

Your restaurant’s online menu gives you an amazing topic to tweet about. Don’t just inform your social media friends and followers about their opportunities to place orders online. Share the QR code that will send them directly to your online menu. As Vinupradha points out, utilizing social media is an unquestionable requirement.

“Social media at any rate is free promoting that permits you to link with customers and engage them in a close setting on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook,” she writes, “You don’t bother with a business page on those social media platforms.”

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