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A Continued Look At The Benefits Of Working Remotely

In our last blog, we examined the possibilities of remote work remaining popular post-pandemic. We think it’s pretty clear that working remotely will remain somewhat of a staple in all industries.

While it helps us to maintain and follow safety measures, working from remote locations also enables companies to save money, promote productivity and create better work-life balance. We would be remiss, however, if we didn’t highlight a few more benefits of working remotely.

It eliminates the stress of commuting.

This is an obvious one. But it can’t go overlooked. No one likes sitting in rush hour traffic. When you offer your employees the ability to work from home, they eliminate the need to commute to and from work. Naturally, this saves your team members a lot of money on gas and car maintenance fees. However, it also significantly reduces their stress.

“Wasting time commuting is just one of the downsides of getting to and from work,” notes Emily Courtney on, “More than 30 minutes of daily one-way commuting is associated with increased levels of stress and anxiety, and research shows that commuting 10 miles to work each day is associated with health issues like higher cholesterol, elevated blood sugar (and) increased risk of depression.”

It improves employee satisfaction.

The importance of happy employees should never be understated. The greater the satisfaction one gets out of his/her job, the more likely he/she is to be productive. If you like having hard workers, consider giving them the option of remaining at home while conducting their jobs’ duties once COVID-19 is behind us.

As Laura Spawn of CMS Wire points out, a Mom Corps online survey found that 42 percent of employees would take salary cuts in order to have more flexible work options. “Surprisingly, working adults aged 18 to 34 — despite the high unemployment rate among adults in this age demographic — would be willing to sacrifice more than 10% of their salaries to achieve the professional flexibility telecommuting provides,” she informs.

It allows you to go green.

An added bonus of enabling your team to work remotely is the fact that it’s an eco-friendly choice. Is your business promoting itself as “green”? As mentioned, giving employees the option to work from home reduces commuter stress. But, of course, less commuting also means less polluting!

“The 3.9 million employees who worked from home at least half time before the pandemic reduced greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of taking more than 600,000 cars off the road for an entire year,” reports Courtney, “A whopping 7.8 billion vehicle miles aren’t traveled each year for those who work at least part-time from home, 3 million tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) are avoided, and oil savings reach $980 million.”

Do you plan on working remotely post-pandemic?

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