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7 Hot Ways To Advertise Patio Season At Your Restaurant This Spring

With the spring season officially underway, the weather will soon warm up and the days will get longer. Many people will be looking to spend time outdoors. For restaurant owners, this means it’s time to start advertising patio season. With the right marketing strategies, you can attract more customers and increase your revenue this spring.

Here are seven hot ways to advertise patio season at your restaurant this spring:

1. Update your website and social media.

The first step to advertising patio season is to update your website and social media channels with information about your outdoor seating area. Make sure to include photos of your patio and highlight any special features, such as umbrellas, heaters or a view. Be sure to mention any changes to your hours or menu that coincide with patio season.

2. Host a patio launch party.

Hosting a patio launch party can be a great way to generate buzz and attract new customers to your restaurant. Invite local influencers and bloggers to attend. Offer specials or discounts to those who share photos or reviews of your patio on social media. Consider partnering with a local brewery or winery to offer drink specials. Also, provide live music or entertainment to create a festive atmosphere.

3. Offer patio-specific specials.

Offering patio-specific specials is a great way to entice customers to choose your restaurant over others. Consider creating a special menu or drink list for your patio, featuring seasonal items and refreshing cocktails. Offering happy hour or late-night specials on your patio can also be a great way to attract customers during off-peak hours.

4. Invest in outdoor signage.

Investing in outdoor signage can help draw attention to your patio and entice passersby to stop in for a meal or drink. Consider using chalkboards or A-frame signs to advertise your patio specials. Hang banners or flags to attract attention from the street. Make sure your outdoor signage is eye-catching and easy to read from a distance.

5. Collaborate with other local businesses.

Consider partnering with a nearby hotel or tourist attraction to offer discounts or specials to their customers. Also, team up with a local florist or nursery to decorate your patio with flowers or plants. You can also offer discounts or special deals to employees of nearby businesses, such as hospitals or office buildings.

6. Provide a comfortable and safe atmosphere.

Make sure to provide plenty of shade and comfortable seating. As well, offer heaters or blankets for cooler evenings. Consider installing fans to keep customers cool on hot days. To ensure the safety of your customers, make sure your patio meets all local regulations and guidelines. Finally, provide hand sanitizer and other safety measures as needed.

7. Offer curbside pickup and delivery.

While many customers will be eager to dine on your patio this spring, some may still prefer to order takeout or delivery. Offering curbside pickup and delivery can help you reach a wider customer base and provide more options for those who prefer to dine at home. Make sure to advertise your takeout and delivery options on your website and social media. Provide clear instructions for how to order.

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