Happy Valentine’s Day! Today is the annual celebration of lovebirds everywhere. Or is it? Who says that Valentine’s Day is only for couples? The day is a reminder that love is and should be shared between us all. For business owners, showing love to your customers is necessary all year round. Never forget the importance of developing and growing your customer relationships. They are the keys to your brand’s success!

Here are four ways to show your customers you love them:

1. Reward customers for their referrals.

There is simply no better type of advertising than word of mouth promotion. When your customers refer your business to others, it’s the absolute best way to grow your brand’s reputation. Don’t let your referrers go unnoticed. Be sure to reach out to those who have recommended your store to offer them tokens of your sincere gratitude. A little gift wouldn’t hurt!

“Rewarding customers for referring new clients to you can be a great way to instil loyalty while thanking your customers for their business,” writes Tamara Weintraub on Business2Community.com, “For instance, you can send a gift card to customers who refer a friend or family who becomes a new client for your business.”

2. Make changes based on customer feedback.

Never look at customer complaints as negatives. They are opportunities for your company to better itself. As well, getting customer feedback is an excellent way for you to show your customers how much you value their opinions. When you make changes based on customer feedback, it demonstrates your respect for those who support you. Be sure to reach out to your customers to let them know about the changes you’ve made based on the help they gave you.

As explained by retail insurer, The Retail Mutual, “the key here is actually listening, and if a customer does have a complaint, address it, thank them for making you aware and reassure them that their experience will be better in the future. Don’t be afraid of reviews; it’s so important to receive customer feedback and then to analyse it, learn from it and act on it.”

3. Publicly acknowledge your customers.

Reaching out to say “thank you” is a wonderful gesture. However, in today’s world, doing so publicly is that much more wonderful. For some, a private show of appreciation is more than enough. But when you take to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to shout someone out, it really goes a long way in showcasing your love. This is especially important for clients who are also business owners. As mentioned, nothing beats word of mouth promotion.

“Thanking or recognizing a customer publicly on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter is a great way to show your customers you care about them,” agrees Weintraub, “So, publicly recognize, mention, ‘tag,’ or tweet your local customers online as a way to show your appreciation. Most people love being recognized online, and chances are, they will share your post or retweet it to their networks.”|

4. Allow your customers to pay with the methods of their choice.

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