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4 Ways To Scare Up More Sales In October

With October now underway, there is a lot of chatter going on about Halloween. The annual spook-fest, that is celebrated every 31st of October, is always an exciting time. No matter your type of business, it’s wise to utilize the haunted holiday-that’s-not-a-holiday to advertise all that you have to offer. Boosting sales, during the month of October, is easier than you think. And it’s fun!

Here are four ways to scare up more sales in October:

1. Run a Halloween contest.

Contests are great promotional strategies all year round. But, during October, they are especially easy and fun to run. Sure, you could go the classic “best costume” route. But you could also run a contest that requests spooky drawings or stories. No matter the type of Halloween-themed contest you decide to run, ensure that the prize is worthwhile. It will help to elicit more contestants, grow your brand image and encourage purchases.

“There are a ton of Halloween giveaway ideas already out there that you can draw inspiration from,” says Karen McCandless on, “For example, Mehron Makeup runs a Halloween-themed social media contest every year that encourages Instagram users to create looks with its makeup and share the results to win a cash prize and other goodies.”

2. Hand out trick-or-treat bags with your company logo.

An excellent way to get the word out about your brand is to have everyone see its name on Halloween! Why not hand out trick-or-treat bags with your company logo on them? Firstly, you will make your customers happy. After all, who doesn’t love getting a freebie? Secondly, you’ll work wonders in growing your brand recognition. Just make sure the bags you hand out are cool and spooky-looking. A well-designed bag is necessary. Kids won’t want to use bags that have nothing but your company branding on it.

As Angela Diniak suggests on, you should have your bags ready to hand out several weeks before Halloween. “Keep them near the register or visible near the front. A limited expense for a lot of exposure!” she instructs, “Did you know that you can also order candy with your logo on it too? Double down for double the benefits!”

3. Don’t just sell – care.

A major factor in scaring up sales is showcasing the top quality nature of your brand. We’re not talking about products here. Your commitment to your community and your willingness to participate in charitable events showcase your brand as respectable. Don’t put all your efforts into blatant advertising. As McCandless points out, there has been a backlash against the increasing commercialization of the holiday season.

“Instead of just creating marketing campaigns around Halloween flash sales and Black Friday discounts, think about what you can do for a cause you care about,” she recommends, “When you write a marketing email, make sure that the content is authentic and aligns with your values, as you don’t want to be seen as jumping on the bandwagon.”

4. Be open to all payment options.

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