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4 Steps To Outshining Your Competitors This Holiday Season

With December now here, the holiday shopping season is officially at its highest peak. We have just come off of both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now the race is on for consumers to complete their shopping excursions in time for Christmas. What is your business doing to attract those consumers? Are you setting your brand apart from others?

Here are four steps to outshining your competitors this holiday season:

1. Partner with a charity.

There is no bad time of year to partner with a charity. However, during the holiday season, we can’t help but be reminded of how important it is to give to those who are less fortunate. Partnering with a charity offers numerous benefits. The most important is the support of your community. However, it also makes a strong statement about your brand. Showing that you care about others goes a long way in the eyes of the general public.

“Holidays are a period when people are emotional — thinking about family, giving and making human connections, more than ever,” says Premanjali Gupta of Blis on, “There’s nothing like partnering with a charitable organization to embody this holiday spirit of giving to strike an emotional chord with your customer, driving social shares and eventually sales.”

2. Offer new hourly and daily deals.

How can you entice customers to keep coming back to your store? Offer new deals every day! Unique flash sales are great ways to intrigue shoppers. It keeps them curious about what will be offered and when. As a result, they may tend to visit your store more often and for longer periods of time. Offer a brand new discount each hour on the hour and watch the products you are promoting fly off the shelves!

According to, “this is another holiday marketing tactic that plays with mystery and users’ curiosity. In a nutshell, to keep customers coming back, create a campaign that offers different deals every hour or every day. Amazon has perfected this strategy with its Lightning Deals as a part of Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Week.”

3. Give away branded treats.

Included on the list of things most people love about the holidays is sweet treats. Candy canes, pumpkin pies, gingerbread houses and cookies of all kinds are often part of every holiday celebration. Get in on the spirit and offer free treats to your customers. Consider getting some baked goods that come complete with your company logo (in delicious edible frosting, of course).

“Ensuring your brand is incorporated in your gifts is a fun and creative way to get above the noise during the holidays,” says  Katharine Mobley of First Advantage on, “Sugar cookies featuring your logo in a matching branded tin is a great gift. Another is coffee in a colourful foil bag with your logo — the key here is that it has to smell and taste great! Trust me, your clients will call not only to thank you but ask you where you purchased it.”

4. Accept all payment methods.

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