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4 More Steps To A Fresh Start With Your Work-From-Home Routine

In our last blog, we went over some simple ways to spring clean your remote work lifestyle. They included a combination of bringing more life to your work area and de-cluttering your workspace. We also recommended putting efforts into doing away with the COVID blues. It’s understandable if working from home has become a bit mundane since the pandemic forced the situation upon you. So what else can you do to get a fresh start?

Here are four more steps to a fresh start with your work-from-home routine:

1. Clear out your cyber clutter.

How much time do you spend, each day, clearing out spam emails? They’re pretty annoying, aren’t they? Take some time to overhaul your virtual workstation by clearing out the cyber clutter. We’re not just talking about emails here. reminds us to clean up our desktops by creating new folders to organize existing files. We should also delete files that aren’t needed while being sure to save important documents.

“Because digital formats aren’t visible like your garage or kitchen, you may not even notice how disorganized and cluttered you’ve become,” notes the site, “You may have ignored security updates, lost emails, or not been able to find important documents. If this describes you, now is the time to clear out the cyber clutter.”

2. Think positively.

We understand that this can often be a lot easier said than done. But it’s important to start each work day with a positive mindset. Sometimes, the only clutter than needs to disappear is the negative energy you tend to bring into work. Consider the benefits of not having to get up early to prepare yourself for a long commute. Be grateful you continue to work in spite of the pandemic. Clear your mind of negative energy and enjoy being productive, knowing the benefits it will provide your business.

“Work is dynamic, with constant demands,” notes Melissa Cafiero on, “But with a can-do attitude, you can find better ways to work and exceed expectations. Clearing the clutter and adding more joy during the workday may seem like small changes, but increasing your happiness can actually help you grow your career.”

3. Create a new before-work routine.

Arguably, the most important part of your work day is the hour or two before your work day starts. Are you mentally and physically prepared to handle the rigours of your job? As encourages, starting a routine before work can put you on the right track for success. The site reminds us all to wake up and stretch, shower and brush our teeth, eat breakfast and unwind a bit before getting the work day started.

“If your remote job offers flexibility, you may also want to add a bit of exercise to the routine such as a morning jog, walking the dog, or a quick yoga session,” the website adds, “The idea behind this routine is that you mentally prepare for work, avoiding burnout or a sluggish start in the process.”

4. Accept credit card payments from home.

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