In our last blog, we offered up some great suggestions for how your business can launch a successful fundraiser this spring. They included launching an April Fools’ Day fundraiser, creating an “a-thon” and organizing an Earth Day hike.

Here are four more springtime fundraiser ideas:

1. Organize a charity walk.

The spring season is one when people who have been hibernating all winter like to venture outdoors. It’s the perfect time of year to encourage the public to engage in an outdoor activity. Charity walks provide participants with both excellent exercise and fresh air opportunities. Just as importantly, they offer fairly easy ways to raise money for important causes. notes that there are more ways than one to organize a charity walk.

“Doing the charity walk digitally also opens the event up to people of all ability levels,” informs the site, “People who walk slower might be hesitant to join a public charity walk, or some might not be able to complete the distance in one go. But doing it remotely allows them to complete the distance at their own pace, in their own neighbourhoods.”

2. Host a Mother’s Day Breakfast.

Mother’s Day is one of the most popular annual events of the spring season. You’d be hard pressed to find individuals who don’t wish to honour their moms. If you own a restaurant, hosting a Mother’s Day Breakfast is a great way to both honour moms and raise money for charity. If you don’t own a restaurant, it would be a wise to partner up with a local eatery. Work together on selling tickets to the event ahead of the special day.

“Most mothers look forward to their special day as an opportunity to rest,” notes Ellie Burke on, “Give moms a hand and host a fancy breakfast where they won’t have to lift a finger or eat toddler-made pancakes topped with Gummy Bears.”

3. Run a golf tournament.

With the start of spring comes the anticipation of being able to play outdoor sports. Combine the widespread love of sports with your fundraiser and you’re likely to have a successful initiative. Invite people to participate in a golf tournament and/or sponsor their friends and family members who do. notes that a golf tournament is a great way to both raise money and elicit participation from those who remain concerned about COVID-19.

“Golf is a sport built for social distancing, and golf tournaments can be highly successful fundraising events,” the site reminds us, “Just as an example: Keep Golden Isles Beautiful hosted a golf tournament at the end of 2020. It raised $34,746 – more than double their goal of $16,000!”

4. Take advantage of Unity Payments’ Fundraising Platform.

Stay ahead of the curve with our advanced fundraising technology. Give your donors an easy-to-use method to make donations directly to your non-profit with our fundraising kiosks. They work directly with our processing technology. This integration will give your organization a comprehensive way to accept donations online or in-person.

To learn all about out fundraising platform, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-661-3761 or email us at to learn more.