4 More Hot Ideas For A Successful Fundraising Initiative This Summer

The summer season doesn’t begin until June 21st. But the time is now to begin thinking about how to market your business during the hottest season of the year. In our last blog, we suggested some fun summer fundraising initiatives. They included having an ice cream party, guiding a summer excursion and hosting a barbeque.

Here are four more hot ideas for a successful fundraising initiative this summer:

1. Celebrate health.

The majority of fundraisers tend to acknowledge particular health conditions that could use more support in remedying. Why not bring some attention to the overall health of our population by hosting an event that promotes wellness? On, George Weiner reveals that the first day of summer also coincides with International Day of Yoga. He offers up an idea for how to turn the day into a great day to host a fundraising event.

“The longest day of the year is a day that can stretch far into the evening hours, and a day that can stretch your supporters towards inner peace,” says Weiner, “Pick a great public space and create a quick event on Ask for donations in exchange for attendance and have a yoga teacher lead a class for a cause.”

2. Invite the young ones for water balloon play.

You would be hard pressed to find a youngster who isn’t excited about the prospect of throwing around some water balloons. On a hot summer day, water play is one of the most enjoyable activities you can partake in. Utilize this fact by initiating a children-based fundraiser involving water balloon play.

“This is a great summer fundraising idea, especially if you are trying to raise funds for a school or a college society,” insists Ilma Ibrisevic on, “A water balloon fight is also a fundraising idea with a great potential return on investment. It’s relatively easy to organize and has the potential to raise a lot of funds. For example, you could charge an admission fee to join the fun or you could charge $1 for every water balloon.”

3. Host an outdoor movie night.

There is no time of year when movie nights aren’t fun experiences. However, the summer adds an additional element of joy. The season gives movie buffs the chance to sit underneath the stars while enjoying their favourite films. Weiner notes that summer blockbuster season gives business owners opportunities to partner with local movie theatres to help raise funds for their respective causes.

“Some movie theatres are even nonprofits themselves,” he points out, “Or get an outdoor setup with a projector and screen, a permit or neighbourhood space, and the screening rights to share a cause-related movie for free. Sell concessions like popcorn, soda, and candy for charity, and make a public ask for donations for the cause before the movie starts.”

4. Take advantage of Unity Payments’ fundraising technology.

At Unity Payments, we help business professionals to stay ahead of the curve with our advanced fundraising technology. Give your donors an easy-to-use method to make donations directly to your non-profit with our fundraising kiosks. They work directly with our processing technology. This integration will give your organization a comprehensive way to accept donations online or in-person.

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