4 More Effective Ways To Promote Your Fundraising Campaign

In our last blog, we championed the idea that fundraising should be a year-round undertaking. We listed a number of ways that business professionals could successfully get new fundraising initiatives off the ground. They included creating a central focus for the campaign, sending out e-mail blasts and sharing their stories. Of course, there is so much more that can be done to bring attention to your fundraiser.

Here are four more effective ways to promote your fundraising campaign:

1. Secure media sponsors.

Getting the media involved offers your fundraising campaign several benefits. The first, and most obvious, is that it will spread the word about your initiative. Naturally, the more people who know about your fundraiser, the greater your opportunities will be to generate a lot of donations. As well, it should go without saying that media coverage of your business is a huge step in securing both a larger customer base and long-term support.

“To get free ads, you’ll need to secure media sponsors,” insists Summy Lau for Winspire, “Unlike your other corporate sponsors, media sponsorships can donate in-kind with advertising in their channel. You’ll feature their logo in your promotional materials and at the event, and in return they’ll promote your event on their channel.”

2. Foster a rewarding supporter experience.

You want all of your supporters to feel that they have benefitted from having supported you. Most people don’t donate for selfish reasons, of course. We’re simply referring to the fact that your donors deserve to know that they are greatly appreciated. On behalf of Philanthropy University, Wayne Elsey reminds us that your donors are the sole reason your non-profit can continue striving toward its mission.

“There are innumerable ways to enhance the donor experience and boost engagement,” he writes, “It’s all about getting to know your donors and showing them you care about who they are and what they prefer. You’ll need to approach them with an open mind and create several innovative and engaging opportunities.”

3. Get busy on social media.

This is one of those tips that shouldn’t have to be listed due to its obvious nature. Then again, because of how integral it is to any campaign, it must be highlighted. Get online and make frequent use of your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. They should all include a number of attention-grabbing posts about your fundraiser. Facebook, in particular, offers a helpful fundraising tool.

“Nearly all of your supporters and contact database have Facebook accounts,” explains Lau, “Before your event, create a simple nonprofit Facebook Event featuring all the necessary information and registration links. Then periodically before the event (at least once a week), post updates regarding the event.”

4. Take advantage of Unity Payments’ fundraising technology.

At Unity Payments, we help business professionals to stay ahead of the curve with our advanced fundraising technology. Give your donors an easy-to-use method to make donations directly to your non-profit with our fundraising kiosks. They work directly with our processing technology. This integration will give your organization a comprehensive way to accept donations online or in-person.

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