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3 Ways To Make Your Home A Better Workplace

Do you work from home? If so, you join countless other Canadians who have made their homes their places of work during the pandemic. There are many who plan on continuing with their remote working-ways well after the pandemic becomes a thing of the past. They’ve made it so that their home offices are permanent places of business. If that’s your plan, it’s important to make your home office a great place to be productive.

Here are three ways to make your home a better workplace:

1. Find a quiet and private space to work.

Not every room in your home will make for a good home office. It’s important to find a space where both privacy and quiet can be achieved. Ideally, you have a room in the home where a desk, chair and computer are located. It should also have a door that can close. This will communicate to the other members of the household that you are not to be disturbed during business hours.

“Quiet may be a relative term if other family members are home while you set up shop, but in most households, you have some choice where you work,” says Mark Wolfe on, “Avoid noise and other distractions by working in a location where household traffic is minimal—ideally a spot that can be separated by a closed door. In an open floor plan, consider assembling a screen around your workstation to reduce visual distractions.”

2. Sit in a comfortable chair.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s an important point to make clear. By “comfortable”, we don’t necessarily mean “cozy”. Don’t opt for the bed or the couch as your standard workplace. You don’t want to get lulled into a midday nap when you’re supposed to be working. Instead, invest in a sturdy, yet comfortable desk chair. A seat that supports your back is a vital part of maintaining optimum comfort and health.

“If you’re going to be sitting all day, that wooden kitchen chair isn’t going to cut it,” insists Kelsie Schrader on, “Invest in a comfortable, supportive desk chair that won’t leave you feeling achy after a day of work…If you don’t have space for a new seat, at least treat yourself to a cushion.”

3. Take advantage of natural light.

When working at home, you may tend to feel “cooped up”. To avoid this, it’s ideal to work as close to a window as possible. That way, you take advantage of natural light and get some fresh air. Firstly, it’s a great way to save on the electric bill. But, secondly and more importantly, it’s a healthy choice!

“Natural sunlight has health and productivity benefits,” informs Wolfe, “Establish your work space near a window, even a small one, to gain an advantage. Keep the curtains open while you work. If your windows are small, hang a mirror on the opposite wall to bounce the light around the room.”

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