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3 Ways To Improve Your Work From Home Routine

With October beginning at the end of the week, we’re embarking on the final quarter of the year. Somehow, we’re still enduring the pandemic that became official back in March of 2020. Our world has changed. And, with that, the world of work has definitely changed – perhaps, for the good. COVID-19 has created the transition of many offices into that of the at-home variety. Working from home is now the norm for many.

Of course, there are many business professionals who have returned to the traditional office in spite of the ongoing pandemic. But, for so many others, working from home is a regular routine. In what ways can we ensure that it remains productive?

Here are three ways to improve your work from home routine:

1. Place a work schedule on the wall.

For many people, visual reminders of daily work tasks are necessary in order to remain productive. Having a to-do list that you can easily check off with the completion of each assignment is a great way to stay focused. When you’re not in the office, you don’t have a boss or manager breathing down your neck. That doesn’t mean you can slack off. In fact, remote workers are actually known to be more productive that in-office employees!

“Multiple recent studies demonstrate that remote workers work longer and are more productive on average than workers in a traditional office setting,” informs Ian Poetker on, “One reason for this rise is that employees are happier and want to build trust with their employers to prevent losing these remote work privileges once the world returns to ‘normal.’”

2. Take breaks whenever you see fit.

This may come off as a “slack off” recommendation. However, it’s the complete opposite. When workers are happy, they are known to be more productive. For many in-office staff members, being forced to take specifically-scheduled breaks is a nuisance. Sometimes, you’re simply not hungry during designated breaks and lunch times. In many instances, you need the washroom during scheduled working hours. Breaking when necessary is a great way make working from home a better experience.

“People work best when they’re happy with their work, and employees are more satisfied when they can work from home,” says Poetker, “When online meeting company Owl Labs asked people whether they were happy in their jobs, 71% of those working remotely said yes, compared to only 55% of those working in traditional offices. This rise in happiness is a significant factor in the increased productivity and performance mentioned earlier.”

3. Fire up all of your mobile devices.

When working from home, it’s important to be easy to access. In today’s world, you have a multitude of devices that can be used to communicate with others. Ensure that your smartphone, tablet and/or laptop are fully charged and ready for use each day. That way, you won’t miss any important calls or emails.

“Working from home requires consistent communication between teams and managers, which likely requires more emails, phone calls, video calls and chats in messaging platforms,” alerts, “Regular use of communication tools will improve your skills.”

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