Wonderful, glorious spring is finally here! For the past few days, we’ve all been able to enjoy the beginning of the season that is loved by Canadians all over the country. The start of spring, of course, marks the end of winter. Too often, the cold and snowy season feels like the longest one we endure. So we’re pretty happy to welcome back the return of warm and sunny days. It’s a time of year, by the way, that your restaurant can definitely capitalize on!

What are you doing to grow your restaurant’s sales now that spring is here? Here are three spring marketing ideas for restaurants:

1. Launch a new spring menu.

Although we admit that this tip probably belongs in the “no brainer” category, it should be stressed that catering your menu to the new season is a wise choice. Take advantage of the joyful spirits of spring-lovers by launching a menu that focuses on items that are popular during this time of year. As Theresa Navarra suggests on Upserve.com, you should probably shift your focus away from heavy soups and put lighter salads in the spotlight

“Consider adding smoothies to your restaurant’s brunch or weekday breakfast menu,” she suggests, “Give fruit-based desserts the spotlight instead of heavier chocolate-based items, they evoke the freshness of the season.”

2. Offer up Easter treats.

This year, the Easter holiday long weekend takes place during the first weekend of April. It’s a good idea to start marketing specials surrounding this special time of year. Consider the fact that many families will be apart, in an effort to continue with COVID-19 safety protocols. It’s wise to utilize your restaurant’s website to communicate that your establishment can cater to everyone’s Easter celebration needs.

As Cherryh Cansler mentions on FastCasual.com, customers wanting special treats in honour of Easter may wish to order such desserts as the Easter Egg. She describes it as “a raised yeast doughnut filled with chocolate Bavarian cream and topped with peanut butter and a vanilla frosted egg on top.” Easter Sprinkle Cake is another popular choice you may wish to make available. It’s “a plain cake doughnut dipped in vanilla frosting and Easter colour sprinkles.”

3. Provide weather-based discounts.

Play on the fact that warmer days are here! Give people added incentives to celebrate warm and sunny days by offering them discounts based on the temperature. For example, you may wish to advertise 15% off select items on days when the temperature is 15 degrees Celcius or higher!

“For great, in-the-moment, effective restaurant marketing on social networks, put up warm weather specials just while everyone is newly excited about the rising temperatures and wanting to get out of the house,” recommends Navarra.

Do you allow customers to place takeout and delivery orders on your restaurant’s website?

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