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3 Smart Ways To Use Your Smartphone For Business

You carry your smartphone everywhere you go, right? Who doesn’t? In 2021, we may as well go ahead and simply classify the smartphone as an appendage. Most of us truly we feel like we can’t live without these handheld mobile devices. A smartphone is an important part of our everyday lives. We use them to make and take calls, surf the internet, stream music, watch videos – you name it!

The smartphone, it needs to be highlighted, is also an excellent business tool. When it comes to growing your business, there is literally no end to the list of things you can do with this popular mobile device. Here are three smart ways to use your smartphone for business:

1. Let it read your messages aloud to you.

Your smartphone comes with many fascinating features. And depending on the one you have, it can literally be a life saver. It should go without saying that you should not use your smartphone while driving. To be clear, you shouldn’t have it in your hands. While driving, it’s necessary to use the hands-free function to make and take phone calls. However, you should also use the feature that enables you to hear your text messages. This will help you to get back to clients and customers a lot quicker – and in a safe way.

“An almost entirely unknown feature on the iPhone can read any screen aloud — emails, text messages, web pages, app screens, and even Kindle books,” reveals Dave Johnson on, “You need to turn the feature on in the Settings app; tap ‘General,’ ‘Accessibility,’ then ‘ Speech, ‘ and finally turn on  ‘Speak Screen.’ Now, to get your phone to read anything aloud, swipe down with two fingers from the top of any screen.”

2. Keep track of your expenses and incomes.

One of your most important duties, as an entrepreneur, is to keep track of all of your expenses and earnings. On, Mehwish A. Wahid explains that there are numerous apps that allow management of your daily expenses and monitoring of all your outflows and inflows quickly and easily.

“These include Daily Expenses 3, My Finances, Expense Manager and Money Saver, and Daily Income Expense Manager to name a few,” Wahid reports, “All the basic expenses, such as travel, food, education, clothing, entertainment etc. are categorized to give you an analysis of the remaining balance and the expenses. There you can review the reports daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. So organize your expenses and have better control on your money.”

3. Accept credit and debit payments directly.

Did you know that you can use your smartphone to accept credit card and debit card payments? In the era of the coronavirus pandemic, this may be one of the most important ways to use it. Especially if your place of business has been forced to shut its doors in recent weeks and months, your smartphone should be used as a replacement for your in-store POS terminal.

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