3 Smart Back To School E-Commerce Marketing Strategies

The back to school season is upon us! In our last blog, we highlighted the importance of making your website a go-to destination for back to school shopping. We suggested you update your website with back to school messaging, make your offers visible on all channels and ensure your site is mobile friendly.

Here are three more smart back to school e-commerce marketing strategies:

1. Send out cart abandonment emails.

It’s one thing to get online shoppers to visit your site. It’s another thing to get your current customers to complete their purchases. Arguably, the most important people to target with your back to school promotions are the ones who have already begun the purchase process on your site. If you notice a number of abandoned carts, be sure to reach out to those potential customers and remind them to complete their purchases.

“If your customer’s have visited your site before but didn’t convert their cart to a purchase, don’t worry, you can still win them back,” says Splitit.com, “By sending an email reminder, you can convert some of these school shoppers into customers. Sometimes potential shoppers need a little nudge, and a strategic email may be all that’s needed to get more items sold.”

2. Offer money-saving opportunities.

It doesn’t matter what time of year it is. When people are shopping, they look for deals. Offering discounts on highly sought-after items is a tried and true way of gaining the attention of your customer base. Getting back to school shoppers to hit up your website will require you to make clear that they can save money by doing so. According to Gergo Matyas on Stylehub.com, it’s important to launch engaging promotions.

He reveals that a KPMG survey has found that 60% of respondents agreed that they will only shop for school supplies if/when sales and discounts start. “Offer giveaways, free shipping, or special deals to your visitors because they hunt for the best offer,” advises Matyas.

3. Turn up the action on social media.

If you haven’t been updating your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts with much frequency lately, right now is the time to turn up the heat. Don’t let a day go by when you’re not posting an eye-catching photo of a product you have on sale for back to school season. As Splitit.com contends, smart back-to-school ecommerce social media strategies can help get shoppers to your site and increase your Average Order Value (AOV).

“Whether it’s through targeted Facebook ads or using Instagram stories to promote your business, there are multiple ways to plug into shoppers’ back-to-school needs,” reads the site, “You can also add links to your social media profiles to your email newsletters, making it even easier to connect with your school shoppers.”

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