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3 Reasons To Work Remotely This Summer

If the pandemic has brought us anything positive, it’s that so many business professionals have discovered the wonders of working from home. In an effort to prevent the spread of COVID-19, working from home became a thing a little over a year ago. Of course, many people already worked from home pre-pandemic. But the concept of conducting business in your PJs became a lot more widespread in the wake of the health crisis.

With the summer of 2021 now in full swing and the pandemic looking like it won’t last the year, many people are considering maintaining the entire “work from home” routine. Are you? Here are three reasons to work remotely this summer:

1. It will save your business lot of money.

When employees work from home, you don’t need to worry about stocking your office with supplies. Your electronic equipment and furniture aren’t needed. You don’t even need to supply your team with any stationary! Simply put, when people work from home, they use their own equipment and supplies. Even if you provide them to your workers (good for you!), you save a bunch on electricity and office space rental.

“In many cases, remote employees have their own equipment,” notes, “Moreover, businesses save on office space including electricity, office furniture, and Wi-Fi. Saving on the cost of office space alone is a tremendous benefit and can be utilized to increase business revenue.”

2. You can set your own schedule.

It’s tougher to finish off a day of work indoors when the weather is warm and sunny. By working remotely, you can decide to do your work on your backyard patio or even the beach! However, working remotely isn’t just about where you work. It’s about when you work. This summer, you can help the kids enjoy their days away from school while making and taking business phone calls. Setting your own schedule often translates to greater peace of mind and better productivity.

“Another benefit to remote working is that you get to set your own schedule day in and day out,” agrees Breathing Travel, “If you work a remote job, you’ll have tons of flexibility to do what you like, as long as you meet the deadlines, they still exist even when you work in your PJs.”

3. You avoid the horrors of commuting.

Show us a person who says he/she enjoys sitting in rush hour traffic and we’ll show you a liar! No one truly enjoys commuting to and from work. One of the biggest benefits of working remotely during the summertime is the incredible amount of time that is saved not having to commute.

According to, studies show that 82 percent of remote workers believe that not working in a traditional office decreases their stress level. “In fact, companies that use remote workers claim that they are more apt to put in the additional time because they don’t have to commute and therefore, are more relaxed and flexible,” the website informs.

Do you plan on working remotely this summer?

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